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Brand New Cris Cab Video.

Hello friends! I’ve been waiting a while for this and the day has finally arrived! Cris Cab has released his latest video for ‘Good Girls (Don’t Grow On Trees)’ featuring Big Sean.

Big Sean has recently collaborated with the Biebs and other big names so this is pretty huge for Cris. ‘Good Girls’ was written by Cris along with Pharell and produced by his mentor, Wyclef Jean & Sedeck Jean. Check it out. The video was shot in California and is pretty awesome.

Cris also just announced his North American tour dates for the Rise Tour, in support of his upcoming EP, RISE, available in October. I’m so bummed he won’t be playing in his HOMETOWN but I definitely wanna check him out again. Orlando road trip anyone??

Saturday, October 6 — Jacksonville, FL — Jack Rabbits
Monday, October 8 — Atlanta, GA — Smith’s Olde Bar
Wednesday, October 10 — Washington, DC — U Street Music Hall
Friday, October 12 —  West Chester, PA — The Note
Saturday, October 13 — Cambridge, MA — TT the Bears
Monday, October 15 — New York, NY — The Gramercy Theatre
Wednesday, October 17 — South Burlington, VT — Higher Ground
Thursday, October 18 — Toronto, ON — El Mocambo
Saturday, October 20 — Cleveland, OH — Grog Shop
Monday, October 22 — Pontiac, MI — The Crofoot – Pike Room
Tuesday, October 23 — Chicago, IL — Schubas
Thursday, October 25 — Minneapolis, MN — Triple Rock
Thursday, November 1 — Tallahassee, FL — Potbellys
Friday, November 2 — Orlando, FL — The Social

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Vers’ Drops Official Video For ‘Beautiful’.

It was just a few years ago when the young Miami local known as Vers’ was still in high school with a mouth full of braces taking over YouTube with his freestyle imitations of some of the hottest rappers in the game.

Now, a little older, and showing off a million-dollar smile, the young heart-throb is making moves with his brand new music video for his single ‘Beautiful’.

If his bad boy freestyles didn’t have you convinced already, check out the softer side of Vers’ as he let’s it all out in an ode to his momma who raised the rising star all on her own.

He’s such a cutie! What do you think of Vers’??

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Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders ‘Call Me Maybe’.

If you’re a guy who pretends to not be a fan of Carly Rae’s ‘Call Me Maybe’, I can assure you this video will get you singing along in no time. What’s hotter than the Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders lip-syncing in bikinis? Exactly. Check out  the viral video below & let me know what you think!

The girls recently shot the video while they were in the Dominican Republic modeling for their annual swimsuit calendar photos for this year’s upcoming NFL season. So here you get a sneak peak of what the calendar will look like along with a pretty awesome Carly Rae Jepsen rendition. You’re welcome!

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I have another confession my friends. I am an over thinker. I over analyze, I read between the lines, I try to find the meaning behind every symbol, action, or word. I blame every single one of my English teachers for creating this monster. It’s a gift and curse I must admit & a habit I’ve learned to push away throughout the last year or so but I’m a girl. It’s who I am & I can’t help it. I’ve pretty much stopped doing this in my personal life but when it comes to silly things like pop culture I just can’t control myself.

Anyways, I do this thing (it’s quite sad actually or maybe you’ll find it comical) where I try to dissect celeb tweets or lyrics or music videos. Sometimes I’m pretty on point about things & then I hear about it on Perez or some other media outlet & I’m like “YESSSSS I knew it!” & I feel cool.

Well, on that note I shall give you my take on Rihanna’s new music video for ‘Take Care’ featuring Drake. This way, when you hear about later you will stop & say to yourself, “Pshh, I read that on Suzie Says weeks ago”.

You’re welcome.

So, I couldn’t help but notice the over usage of showing a bull & a fish in the video. Like, it was basically featuring Drake, a bull, a fish, & a bird. The entire music video is pretty simplistic but I know these tricks & I know that there’s meaning behind everything they do in these videos. I’ve read Rihanna’s subliminal tweets, I know she’s still in love with Chris Brown. Therefore, here’s my analysis..

Chris Brown is a Taurus & Rihanna is a Pisces which is the fish sign. The video is all about them!


There you have it folks. Watch the video & tell me what YOU think!

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Call me a perv, but I expected a LOT more from Usher’s video for his latest single ‘Climax’.

Being one of the sexiest songs he’s had out since possibly ‘Hey Daddy’, I was expecting scandalous actions. Where was the sex? Where was the lust? You didn’t even take your shirt off! There was nothing Ursher! You gave us nothing & I am highly dissapointed. This was no “climax” it was just a tease.

Check it out for yourself & let me know what you think!

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When it comes to angry girl anthems Katy Perry, Adele, & Kelly Clarkson have pretty much covered all scenarios. But you can never really have enough angry girl anthems, and for this reason I introduce to you Neon Hitch.

I first caught on to her amazing voice on the most recent Gym Class Heroes single, ‘Ass Back Home’, but just the other day I discovered Neon Hitch has a lot more under her belt than I thought. She has a ton of YouTube covers where she completely makes some of my favorite songs in to her own & she even has a few originals too.

Her latest single ‘Fu*k You Betta’ is super hot & although obviously an angry song, it makes you wanna dance, which in turn makes you feel happy! Right? Right.

So check out the song below & while you’re at it watch the video with Gym Class Heroes too. I’m still obsessed with that song!



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This Shit Is Cray.

If there’s anything more cray than Kanye & Jay-Z’s ‘Niggas In Paris’, or watching them perform it 10 times live, it’s the actual music video for the song. So glad I was able to experience this live last year!

Check out the official music video below, but you’ve been warned –it may cause seizures lol.

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RHCP New Music.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers might have delayed their much-anticipated American Tour but at least they’re giving us something to enjoy in the mean time. Check out their latest video off their I’m With You album for ‘Look Around’.

It sorts reminds me of Destiny’s Child’s ‘Say My Name’ video if it would have featured Flea dancing around in his underwear with a blue haired girl lol. Check it out below!


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Daddy Crush.

As I was YouTube surfing the other day I came across this adorable daddy daughter duo. I once saw their video months ago & a few weeks later they were on The Ellen Show. I decided that I just had to make him my Daddy Crush of the week because let’s face it, there’s nothing hotter than a dad jamming out with his little girl.

Check out this video of Jorge Narvaez & his 6-year old daughter Alexa. They are too cute!

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I’ve been a fan of Big Sean since I made him my Artist of the Week months ago & if you never read that post you need to check out here.

His latest single off his Finally Famous album is ‘Dance’, a song that should probably be titled ‘Ass’ because he says it about a million times & spells the word in about seven different languages. So if you love ass, have an ass, or would like to buy a new ass you should watch his latest video. After all, Nicki Minaj shakes her ass all over it & that is always a site to see.

The song will definitely make you want to “dance” though. Check it out! There’s also something very Fresh Prince of Bel-Airesque about it.

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