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Drake Ditches The 305.

It looks like Drake is ditching his Miami life for some California sunshine instead. The Young Money rapper has put up his two condos (which he turned in to one larger condo) at the Marquis Residences in Downtown Miami for sale just last week.

Apartment hunting? Well then today is your lucky day! For only $2.5 million both condos can be yours! Think about it, you can live just like Drizzy Drake, DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, & the rest of the Young Money crew did in the ‘I’m On One’ music video –sitting on plastic covered furniture, surrounded by boxes and your boring friends, drinking out of styrophome cups. Now, that’s the life.

But the view, the view is what gets you. I mean, who wouldn’t wanna drink a Four Loko on that balcony? It just screams cash money.

Anyways, enough about the luxuries. Where’s Drake moving to you ask? What city is greater than the Magic City? Apparently, Drake thinks it’s Calabasas, California. I guess he rather hang out with the Kardashian’s.

What do you think about Drake’s move??

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Weezy Homecoming.

As all of the Twitter, Facebook, & BBM statuses have already confirmed, Lil Wayne is finally out of prison.

After his release from Rikers yesterday, the word has spread that Weezy will be coming home to Miami and celebrating the only way he knows how- BIG.

Apparently, surprising (or not surprising) fans at Drake’s Light Dreams and Nightmares Tour in Las Vegas tomorrow, the entire Young Money crew and a few of his closest friends plan on flying to Miami and celebrating his release at a huge private party & then of course ending the night at none other than the classiest of establishments, King of Diamonds strip club.

Mack Maine told MTV in an interview recently, “It should be a lot of beautiful women, just … beautiful scenery. Just treat him like a king, like the royalty that he is and make him feel like we really missed him and welcome him back to the family, basically.”

Welcome home Weezy! You surely were missed! <3

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Drizzy Drake & Nicki Minaj Married?!

After publicly professing his love to Miss Minaj on his song ‘Miss Me’,

“I love Nicki Minaj I told her I’d admit it I hope one day we get married just to say we fucking did it And girl, I’m fucking serious I’m with it if you with it ‘Cause your verses turn me on, and your pants are mighty fitted,”

the Young Money members actually got married; or so they say on Twitter.

Earlier today Nicki tweeted, “U scurred? @drakkardnoir u ready to make the announcement or wha?” & just one hour later Drake responded with, “Baby I am never scared. PROUD is more the word I would use,” before tweeting, “Please refer to @nickiminaj as Mrs. Aubrey Drake Graham and dont stare at her too long. She’s finally mine. :).”

Whatttt?! Could it be?

What do YOU think? Is it just for attention? Not that they don’t get enough as it is or is this foreals?

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Lil Wayne Still At It.

No 4×4 iron cell can keep this man from making hits.

Just last week, Drake visited his mentor at Rikers Island & Wayne recorded a verse over the instrumental version of Drake’s ‘Light Up’ track from a telephone in his cell!

The new version of the song featuring Wayne was played last night on Ustream & Drake says it will be part of an upcoming project the two are working on -a collaboration album.

Check out the LIVE USTREAM video that Drake made last night with Wayne & tell me what YOU think!

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To be honest, there hasn’t been any up & coming artist lately that have caught my attention but Rihanna might soon have some competition as a new island princess gets ready to take over.

At just 16 years old, the very driven teen moved from her native Barbados to NYC in order to make her dreams a reality & it might just happen quicker than she thought.

After writing & recording her own songs, displaying them on the internet & managing to catch the eyes & ears of the same record label that discovered Rihanna, SPR/Universal Motown Records, Vita Chambers is sure to be the next big pop thing.

Check out her first single ‘Young Money’ & tell me what YOU think!

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