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It’s that time of year again..

It’s officially February, and for many that means having to put up with the annoying Valentine’s Day posts from your friends about how amazing their boyfriends are for surprising them with flowers on the most cliché day of the year. Barf.

But do not fret my friends! If you’re single like me, embrace it! Here are a few things happening around town you might want to take part in so that you don’t feel like such a loser.

STK is hosting the ‘Knot In Love’ party Wednesday night with lots of bikini babes, complimentary drinks & sweet beats provided by DJ ARTIME. Join the party early and receive comp Mount Gay Rum cocktails from 8-10 p.m. -just in time for the sexy Beach Bunny Swimwear Showcase. You’re welcome.


If you like to get dirty (and also enjoy challenging 5k’s) then you’ve got to sign up for the Single’s Mud Mingle! It’s the only strictly singles event of its kind. This means no lovey dovey couples allowed! If you need some time to train that sexy body of yours, don’t worry, the race isn’t until April 20th.

Unlike any other race, after the Single’s Mud Mingle you can eat, drink, dance, meet and mingle with other singles covered in mud just like you. Your first beer is free.


If these events aren’t your cup tea, do like me and pamper yourself on V-Day! Cause there’s no better feeling than ultimate relaxation at one of Miami’s amazing hotel and spas. Photos of my loveless solo adventure coming soon!

I’ve never been into the roses & teddy bear thing but I’d swoon for one of these bad boys. How romantic is this?! <3


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The Greatest Anti-Valentine Celebration To Hit Miami.

For singles across the country, there is no worse day to be single than February the 14th.  Frankly, I don’t mind being single (most of the time). I mean, I can go out freely with whomever I want, whenever I want. I never have to deal with drama or jealousy or bickering. And I can always laugh at those who deal with drama, jealousy, and bickering on a constant basis and be completely grateful that I can live my life freely & happy.

But lets face it, as much as some of us would like skip over this ridiculous Hallmark invented “holiday”– we can’t. It’s almost impossible to avoid the haunting red, heart-shaped balloons peeking over our cubicles, the immense bouquets of roses that are delivered to our friends & co-workers, and not to mention the tacky chocolate roses & stuffed animals some people probably send themselves.

So if you’re single this year, who cares?! Forget staying in to watch sappy movies & binge on Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey. Forget going out with the girls for dinner & drinks (every restaurant will be too packed with gross couples anyways). Instead, go to The Electric Pickle this Monday in Midtown for the “F*CK LOVE” Celebration of the Single Life party!

The rules are simple –NO RED & NO PINK!

Join In The Scene MIAMI & DJ Ash Rock for an unforgettable crazy fun night!

For table reservations contact RSVP@inthescenemiami.com

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