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Selena’s Open Invitation


Is Selena Gomez sending an open invitation to her vajay in her latest single?

I’m either my mind is in the gutter or it’s true. Irregradless, I’m digging it.

Since last seeing her in Springggg Breaaaakkkk, it’s obvious the former Mickey Mouser wants to shed her good girl image and jump on over to the dark side, but who can blame her? The good girls never got anywhere and Britney & Christina are still kicking ass.

And since the Biebs is spiraling out of control anyway, she might be well on her way.

Check out her latest video for ‘Come & Get It’ and try not to belly dance, I dare you.

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Fifty Shades of Suck.

My new favorite thing is things that make fun of a little mommy-porn book so many are obsessing about these days titled Fifty Shades of Grey, ever heard of it?

I must say, I haven’t read any of the books & don’t plan to, although everyone around me seems to be nose deep. I guess you can say I don’t like to follow the trends or whatever. Maybe I’m just not in to reading a book in order to get off. Anyways, I’m not big on bashing things I haven’t experienced for myself -like this book for example, but after reading so many reviews on how poorly written the books really are and actually reading a few lines for myself, I feel like that is all the “Grey” I really need.

This might offend some of my readers because I know so many of you actually really enjoy reading this fine literature crap but I just have to share this shit with you all cause I find it hilarious and I think secretly, you will too LOL.

Check out this amazing tumblr site cleverly titled ’50 Shades of Suck’. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Her latest post is a Funny Or Die skit featuring Selena Gomez & Nick Kroll titled Fifty Shades of Blue that is HIGHLARIOUS! I think Nick Kroll would play the PERFECT Christian Grey. What do you think?


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