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Video Memory Lane With J.Lo & her Ex’s.

As a lifelong J.Lo fan, I must stand by my fellow latina & say that I absolutely love her latest single ‘Dance Again’ featuring Mr. 305 Worldwide himself & of course her new boo Casper Smart. Cause after all, it wouldn’t be a J.Lo music video if she didn’t feature the dude she was dating.

But what J.Lo can’t seem to realize is that just like there’s a curse of the reality show marriage (Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey, that Brady Bunch guy & the one time America’s Next Top Model, almost of the Bachelor’s & Bachelorette’s, & so on) there is also a curse of the J.Lo video.

It never works out woman! I guess she just likes to keep the memory of the relationship in video form LOL. Let’s go back in time & see just how many ex’s are featured in Jenny’s videos..

J.Lo with Puff Daddy in ‘Been Around The World’ 1997

J.Lo & Marc Anthony in ‘No Me Ames’ 1999

J.Lo & Chris Judd in ‘I’m Gonna Be Alright’ 2001

J.Lo & Ben Affleck in ‘Jenny From The Block’ 2003


I can’t hate on her though, at 42 she is hotter than ever & her 24-year-old boy toy ain’t too shabby either. Check out her latest video below!

J.Lo & Casper Smart in ‘Dance Again’ 2012

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Tupac’s Possible Murderer Revealed On His Birthday.

Seventeen years later, the man responsible for the 1994 attack on rapper Tupac Shakur finally confesses to the crime.

After years of speculation & unanswered questions, the day before what would have been Tupac’s 40th birthday, Dexter Isaac came out in an interview with AllHipHop.com saying that he was involved in the 1994 attack on Tupac at the Quad Recording Studios in Manhattan, & apparently he still has some jewelry taken at the time of the robbery to prove it.

According to Isaac, who is currently serving life in prison for the robbery & death of a Brooklyn taxi driver, he was hired to rob Tupac that night in 1994 by James “Jimmy Henchman”¬†Rosemond; the current manager of rapper Game, Sean Kingston, Mike Tyson, & others. Isaac directs most of the interview to Rosemond saying:

“Now I’m not going to talk about my friend Biggie’s death or 2Pac’s death, but I would like to give their mothers some closure. It’s about time that some one did, and I will do so at a different time,” Isaac continued ominously. “Jimmy, you and Puffy like to come off all innocent-like, but as the saying goes: You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. Mr. Rosemond, I ask you: Are you going to flip on Puffy when the feds get you? To save yourself like you have done in the past?”

Since the publishing of this statement, Rosemond has denied the allegations and accused Isaac of working with the government & lying in order to get years taken off from his sentence. However, detectives have already opened up an investigation regarding the initial report.
So who is responsible for Tupac’s death? I’m sure we’ll be hearing something from James Rosemond & Diddy himself veryyy soon in response to this interview. Although Dexter Isaac didn’t reveal the killer upfront, he has led the feds into a much clearer direction if these revelations are indeed true.

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