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Drake Ditches The 305.

It looks like Drake is ditching his Miami life for some California sunshine instead. The Young Money rapper has put up his two condos (which he turned in to one larger condo) at the Marquis Residences in Downtown Miami for sale just last week.

Apartment hunting? Well then today is your lucky day! For only $2.5 million both condos can be yours! Think about it, you can live just like Drizzy Drake, DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, & the rest of the Young Money crew did in the ‘I’m On One’ music video –sitting on plastic covered furniture, surrounded by boxes and your boring friends, drinking out of styrophome cups. Now, that’s the life.

But the view, the view is what gets you. I mean, who wouldn’t wanna drink a Four Loko on that balcony? It just screams cash money.

Anyways, enough about the luxuries. Where’s Drake moving to you ask? What city is greater than the Magic City? Apparently, Drake thinks it’s Calabasas, California. I guess he rather hang out with the Kardashian’s.

What do you think about Drake’s move??

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Ode To The Ambitious Girls.

It’s been months since I first heard Wale’s ‘Ambitious Girl’ & I must admit I was anticipating the release of the music video but just three weeks after his album release, Wale has released not one, but three brand new videos for ‘Ambitious Girl’, ‘Lotus Flower Bomb’ featuring Miguel & ‘Tats On My Arm’ featuring Rick Ross. Seems like Wale is pretty ambitious himself.

It’s a Wale kinda day for me so I’m giving you a triple dose! Check out the brand new videos below!

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Kanye West Is A Monster.

Although the video is supposedly incomplete, Kanye West’s latest video for the song ‘Monster’ from his My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy has already leaked all over the internet.

The mini film features Jay Z, Rick Ross, & Nicki Minaj. Here’s a look at the super disturbing video. I promise you, it’s freakin’ weird.


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Drake Concert Review.

I was lucky enough to attend one of the  two sold out concerts Drake had at the James L. Knight Center this week and I have to say it was everything I hoped it would be.

From the moment he arrived on stage it was song after song after song, hit after hit after hit. He wasted no time & had the entire place under his spell. Guys, girls, white, black, young, and even a few people who could have possibly been hitting 40 were all standing and singing every lyric to every one of his songs.

I swear, that man can just stand there alone on a stage with a mic and have any packed arena go nuts, but it did help that his band was the shit. There was also so many surprise appearances from rappers like Rick Ross, Birdman, Mack Maine & Tyga just to name a few. It was an amazing experience.

Unfortunately, due to nosebleed seats, I couldn’t get a decent picture. So if you missed out you’re just going to have to catch him next time he’s in town ;)

& if there are any Drake haters out there, I leave you with this:

“Call me over-rated or creative or too jaded, because any way you put it bitch I made it!” -Drizzy Drake
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Listen to the leaked remix of Kanye West’s song ‘Monster’ featuring Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver.

The original ‘Monster’ is on Kanye’s Good Ass Job album, but this remix along with 4 other songs will be on a separate five song album that Kanye is working on with Jay-Z. What do YOU think about this collaboration?

Be sure to follow Kanye on Twitter for more leaks @kanyewest

*Thank you Montes for the info :)

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