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The Miami Dolphins Get Bit By The Reality Bug.

It’s no doubt Miami loves attention. We’re loud, outspoken, we wear tini bikinis practically year round, & don’t you dare leave a camera anywhere near us; I’m pretty sure were the reason the term “camera whore” even exists.

Many say Miami is like paradise, & who can really disagree? It’s the perfect backdrop for a movie -or say a reality TV show. This year the world will get a whole lotta Miami whether they like it or not, but we all know they love it ;)

The Miami Marlins have already announced their involvement in Showtime’s hit series The Franchise & by the looks of the pilot it should be pretty awesome.

Last week I told you about the new Jersey Shore-esque reality show airing this summer called The Catalina which spotlights the lives of hotel employees at the Catalina Hotel in Miami Beach.

Now, it seems like the Miami Dolphins have been bitten by the reality tv bug. The struggling NFL team announced that they will be the focus of the next season of the HBO series Hard Knocks airing this August.

Rookie Head Coach, Joe Philbin was quoted saying,

 “All the decisions that have been made this offseason have had one guiding principle — will it help our players and organization reach its full potential? This one is no different.”

What do you think about this? I don’t think the show will bring them any luck or miracles (which are desperately needed) but it will bring them lots of attention, which apparently, is never a bad thing in the MIA.

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South Beach Hotel Home To Brand New Reality Series.

Hello again friends! Life has taken quite the exciting turn for me recently & I’ve been much busier than usual –hard to believe I know but it’s true. Any who, I’m back with some very exciting news as usual! I know you’ve missed me ;)

Let’s face it, ever since Snooki announced she was having a little bambino a little piece of hearts broke because we knew the Jersey Shore saga would never be the same. I mean, what’s fun about a preggo guidette who can’t drink, get sloppy, and do regretful things on national television? No worries my friends, fear no more! The CW is bringing you a brand new reality show to laugh & make fun of get addicted to and this time it’s based in our very own backyard.

Picture this.. 10 young, hot, hotel employees at the Catalina Hotel on South Beach. Some used to date, some are best friends, some are new to the crew. They work together, they party together, and it’s all a recipe for some drama!

The Catalina will air on Tuesday nights beginning one week from today from 8 to 9pm ET on the CW. Can’t wait!

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Coco Gets A Reality Show.

As if the E! Network doesn’t already have enough big butts & fake boobs on their shows, now there is being talk of Coco, & her husband Ice-T getting their own 8-episode mini series.

Seriously?! Who cares about these people? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love trash television & I love Ice-T on Law & Order, but Coco?? Just Google image search this woman.

The show will apparently follow the married couple of 10 years throughout their day-to-day life and will air this June on the E! Channel. Don’t get too excited people.

I have no words.

What do you think?? Hit or miss??

All I’m saying is she better wear some real clothes during filming because camel toe is not cute!

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Never Bite The Hand That Feeds You.

The Real Housewives of Miami debuted last week with less than great reviews from people all around the country & even Miami residents themselves, but this didn’t really surprise me because Miami tends to have possibly the worst fans in the country –no offense. Regardless, I liked the ladies & was very interested to see how they would represent Miami & at the same time pray that they would be more entertaining than the DC ladies.

In yesterday’s episode however, it only took about 10 minutes for me to be completely heartbroken & disappointed in one of them.

Alexia Echeverria is the “Executive Editor” of Venue Magazine, a magazine which her husband started & still owns today. From the scene at Venue’s office alone you can tell Herman Jr. probably does most of the real work in that place. Alexia probably only shows up when the cameras are around. But what do I know?

Anyways, I do know that I heard little Miss “Cuban Barbie” say that “Hialeah, you know,  the lower person wants to see you and wear what you’re wearing and be at those events, and they can’t!”. Let’s just say that was enough for me to go all “Hialeah” in my own living room by myself. I couldn’t believe her. How dare she imply that people in Hialeah have to run to the nearest gas station in order to pick up Venue Magazine to get their fix of what is popular & fashionable & happening in Miami. Is she serious?

Apparently all of the bleach in her hair has gotten to her brain because she seems to have forgotten that her own husband, the CEO of Venue Magazine is from Hialeah, ran for Hialeah Chamber of Commerce, was Hialeah city Councilman at one point, and even ran for Mayor of Hialeah. She must have also forgotten that she gave birth to her super hot underage son in Palmetto Hospital located smack in the middle of Hialeah. And with her thick ass Hialeah accent, fake blonde hair & her black eyebrows I wouldn’t doubt the “Cuban Barbie” was born & raised in Hialeah herself.

Hialeah is the second largest city in Miami Dade County & as a proud Hialeah girl I would now never pick up her FREE publication of Venue magazine –which can be found at any gas station in Hialeah by the way if any you are still interested in this super classy publication.

Businesses in Hialeah are what make up a lot of the advertising space in the “luxurious” magazine which is the main form of revenue for the magazine anyways and after hearing the garbage that came out of her Hialeah ass last night I hope they all end their contracts with Venue.

What a disgrace.

Also a disgrace, was Christy Rice’s clear bra straps with that gown at Lea Black’s gala –but that should be a completely different post all on it’s own.

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From The Streets To TV Screens.

Nowadays, anyone can go from living regular life to a celebrity life in less than 15 minutes, and for some it lasts much longer than just 15 minutes –just look at Snooki. But is it a smart thing to give a homeless, alcoholic, crack addict a shot at stardom? We’re about to find out because Ted Williams, better known as “the man with the golden voice” is next in line for reality television stardom.

In just two weeks “Second Chances At Life” will begin to capture Williams’ daily life as he struggles to rebuild his personal & professional life. They’re also already talking about a second season where other talented homeless people will be featured.

There are also rumors about a movie & a book deal. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but who wants to bet this guy will be homeless again after he makes all of this money & blows it on his old habbits? He was already given the chance to join a rehab center & left early after just a few days against doctor’s orders.

So sad. What do YOU think??

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