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Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders ‘Call Me Maybe’.

If you’re a guy who pretends to not be a fan of Carly Rae’s ‘Call Me Maybe’, I can assure you this video will get you singing along in no time. What’s hotter than the Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders lip-syncing in bikinis? Exactly. Check out  the viral video below & let me know what you think!

The girls recently shot the video while they were in the Dominican Republic modeling for their annual swimsuit calendar photos for this year’s upcoming NFL season. So here you get a sneak peak of what the calendar will look like along with a pretty awesome Carly Rae Jepsen rendition. You’re welcome!

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The Miami Dolphins Get Bit By The Reality Bug.

It’s no doubt Miami loves attention. We’re loud, outspoken, we wear tini bikinis practically year round, & don’t you dare leave a camera anywhere near us; I’m pretty sure were the reason the term “camera whore” even exists.

Many say Miami is like paradise, & who can really disagree? It’s the perfect backdrop for a movie -or say a reality TV show. This year the world will get a whole lotta Miami whether they like it or not, but we all know they love it ;)

The Miami Marlins have already announced their involvement in Showtime’s hit series The Franchise & by the looks of the pilot it should be pretty awesome.

Last week I told you about the new Jersey Shore-esque reality show airing this summer called The Catalina which spotlights the lives of hotel employees at the Catalina Hotel in Miami Beach.

Now, it seems like the Miami Dolphins have been bitten by the reality tv bug. The struggling NFL team announced that they will be the focus of the next season of the HBO series Hard Knocks airing this August.

Rookie Head Coach, Joe Philbin was quoted saying,

 “All the decisions that have been made this offseason have had one guiding principle — will it help our players and organization reach its full potential? This one is no different.”

What do you think about this? I don’t think the show will bring them any luck or miracles (which are desperately needed) but it will bring them lots of attention, which apparently, is never a bad thing in the MIA.

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Daddy Crush.

This week’s Daddy Crush is kind of a Douche Daddy Crush, but you just can’t deny the cuteness of this father-son picture no matter what he’s done in the past.

NFL quarterback Tom Brady was spotted last week in Disney Land, California celebrating the 5th birthday of his son Jack with his little niece Jordan. Check him out below <3

He was also spotted this month out in California with his younger son Benjamin. So cute! <3

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Professional or Groupie?

If you watch the football or television period then you’ve probably already heard that the Jets Association is under quite the investigation for reportedly harassing a mexican reporter who was at the Jets practice to interview quarterback cutie, Mark Sanchez.

When I first heard about this I immediately googled Ines Sainz, much like the rest of the world, and what I found was not surprising.

The stories claimed that coaches, as well as players, were “over throwing passes across the field” towards the reporter on purpose & once she walked into the locker room there was non stop inappropriate comments being made about her which Ines claims she didn’t hear because she was paying no mind to them because she was simply focusing on getting the interview… Bullshit.

As a female, I can say that we hear everything & we know when people, especially men, are checking us out. Whether we pay any mind to it or not is a different story but we know it’s happening as it happens & sometimes we can even predict it before it happens.

As far the Jets coaches & players being inappropriate, I would have to agree. They were unprofessional on the field & in the locker room. But boys will be boys & in a locker room you can’t expect anything less.

I do however believe that Ines Sainz is super unprofessional & crosses the line from reporter to groupie. She thrives off of her looks and has given herself the title of “Hottest Sports Reporter in Mexico”. Really? It’s one thing to be hot & humble, but this girl goes out of her way to cause attention & then wants to play the innocent role.

What do you think about her professional attire?

SUZIE SAYS: She’s loving this publicity & hopes it’ll land her a job at a higher ranked station than TV Azteca :x

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