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Lady Gaga has released her latest short film music video for the single ‘Marry The Night’ off her Haus of Gaga album and if you thought she’s it would be anything less that 13 minutes, you were wrong! If you thought that for once she’d do a video that actually made some sort of sense so that the average American person can understand what the hell is going on, you were wrong again! Because after all, she is Gaga. She was sent here from another planet to confuse us, make us think, and completely creep us the fuck out.

I don’t know about you, but all I got from this video was this:

  • Hats tipped to the side are romantic.
  • Mint will be super in this Spring.
  • Lady Gaga likes gummy bears.
  • Cheerios & milk can get messy if you’re going through some shit.
  • Lady Gaga may sometimes be stylish, but she is not a certified beautician. Don’t let her dye your hair.
  • Bedazzling your denim will always be cool.

Apperently I missed the big picture & the video is actually suppsoed to portray what Gaga went through when she was dropped by her first record lablel, Island Def Jam. Ahhh, of course!

 Check it out for yourselves & let me know what you think!

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With all the talk about the brand new Lady Gaga video on Tuesday I almost forgot about the video that really matters! (Sorry Rene & all you little monsters) The Red Hot Chili Peppers (my favorite band of ALL time) have released their tenth studio album titled I’m With You. Now that is something to talk about. 

It’s their first album in five years since they last released Stadium Arcadium & the first album including their new member Josh Klinghoffer . The band sat down with MTV last night for an in-depth interview & also premiered their brand spanking new music video for ‘The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie’ which has already reached the top of Billboard’s Alternative Radio chart, giving the band their 12th #1 on Modern Rock radio –a record no one can even come close to.

& if you’re a fan like me & has been dying to see these guys in concert since well, FOREVER, your dreams may finally come true! They’re set to tour the US in 2012! Let’s just hope they make a stop in Florida. Regardless, I think I’d make a trip to see them anywhere! How about you?

Check out the cover art & new video below! Do they still got it? I never had a doubt in my mind! <3

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As some of you may or may not know, I’m a HUGE Taylor Swift fan. In fact, last night I had a dream that I was wearing the exact same dress that she’s wearing in this video –coincidence? I think not.

Anyways, I’ve always loved the song ‘Sparks Fly’ & hoped she would come out with a video for it & BAM, here it is.

She seems like such an amazing performer. I sooo regret not going to see her when she came to SoFlo :(

Check out the official video for ‘Sparks Fly’ from her Speak Now album.

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Brand New J.LO Video Premiere.

Jennifer Lopez gets together with the hottest man in hip hop right now & the hottest man in Spanish Telenovelas in her brand new video for ‘I’m Into You’ & the video is nothing less than HOT HOT HOT, as expected of course from this year’s People Magazine’s “World’s Most Beautiful Woman”.

Check out the video premiere from this morning’s TODAY Show on NBC. The song featuring Lil Wayne doesn’t actually feature Wayne in the video, but instead features the super hot Cuban novela superstar William Levy who I’m sure now, will get more than outstanding reviews for his debut. Could this video be William’s big break into mainstream?! I think so!

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Robin Thicke Likes Sexy Time In The A.M.

& I’m gonna have to agree ;) R&B hottie Robin Thicke collaborated with Snoop Dogg on the track ‘It’s In The Morning’. The song is from his recent album, Sex Therapy but it’s never too late to bless us with a sexy video! Watch it & tell me what YOU think!

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