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No Pants Day Every Day!

So I wake up this morning to news gossip about Miley Cyrus “pant-less” in Miami. This doesn’t shock me at first because let’s face it, were in Miami and to be quite honest, with all the recent happenings, NOTHING shocks me anymore.

Apparently, Miley was on her way to the studio yesterday while staying in town and was wearing no pants.

I hate pants! There is no one on this planet that hates pants more than me. The minute I get home it’s pants off time, so I feel for Miley. Who cares if she wants to wear her boyfriends hideous flannel button-down with combat boots and no pants?! We’re in Miami and if you weren’t aware it’s practically 100 degrees right now.

I’m with Miley on this one, let’s start a No Pants Revolution! Forget Casual Fridays; I say take of your pants!

Here is the “scandalous” picture..

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Miley Does It Again.

It’s no surprise who Hollywood’s future hot mess is going to be. Between her sexy phone pics leaked on the internet, her much older boyfriends, and scandalous music videos, 17-year-old Miley Cyrus (and her people) know exactly how to make her one of the most highly talked about pop stars of our time.

Her latest video for her song ‘Who Owns My Heart’ is already causing a stir just days after being released. In the video Miley channels her inner Britney and frolics around on a bed seductively before heading out to a huge mansion party where she bumps & grinds on both guys & girls..but Miley isn’t Britney, she’s 17!

She sings, “So come on baby, Keep provoking me, Keep on roping me, Like a rodeo, baby, pull me close, Come on, here we go, here we go, here we go”

Although some people think this is super scandalous, I say we haven’t seen anything yet. She is just getting started and it’s only a matter of time before she gets real dirty, like Christina Aguilera 2002 dirty.

What do YOU think??

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Little Miley Gets Scandalous.

Following in the  dirty, bare footsteps of Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus decided to add a little spice to her performance of ‘Can’t Be Tamed’  on the show Britain’s Got Talent.

The 17-year-old whore in the making singer dipped a female dancer down & “mimicked” an intense kiss.

Is she just trying to prove that she “can’t be tamed”? Someone needs to cage that girl up & hide her from the world cause her music sucks.

Watch her performance below or better yet, fast forward to the “scandalous scene” cause no one really wants to hear her singing anyways. It happens at 1:08.

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Miley Gets Freaky With Her Producer!

Lap dances are no longer just for strippers. I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all at one point (or several times) in our lives have blessed some very lucky people with lap dances (or is that just me?). Regardless, is it wrong to indulge in this form of dance? LOL

Miley Cyrus is getting some trash talk over her “improper” dancing with her producer of the movie “The Last Song”, Adam Shankman. A video was leaked of Miley, who was then only 16 years old grinding dancing on top of 44 year old Shankman during a party last summer celebrating with wrap up of filming.

Apparently, her parents did not attend the party (duh!) and Miley was enjoying every minute of it!

The person who leaked the video said they were “offended” by her dancing, but that didn’t stop them from being super creepy and even zooming into her ass grinding on Mr. Producer (who happens to be openly gay).

What do YOU think?

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