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Cris Cab Red Road Album Release.


Cris Cab has officially released his latest mixtape, Red Road & it’s gotta be my favorite thus far!

The newly released album features nine songs, one of them is probably the best cover of Monsters of Men’s ‘Little Talks’ that I’ve ever heard, and the rest are originals worth listening to -on repeat.

Once again, Cris collaborated with his mentor Wyclef Jean, this time on ‘Another Love’ which is one of my favorite songs on the album. But who am I kidding? I’m seriously obsessed with all nine songs. They’re that good. He also did a collab with Mike Posner on ‘Colors’, his second single off the mixtape. Check out the video below.

Cris just began the two-month Light It Up Tour with Collie Buddz & New Kingston today. They’re first show is in Washington, D.C. tonight.

To download Red Road  & see when he’s going to be playing a show in your city, go to criscab.com or visit iTunes.

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As I’m sure most of you know, 99.9 % of my posts on Justin Bieber sole purpose is to make fun of him. So as much as it pains me to say that I’m actually diggin’ his new single, I totally am.

I first heard about it over a week ago & I tried, I really tried so hard not to even listen to it. The other night, on my way home from work however, I fell into the Bieber trap. It was playing on Y100 & the Pharell type beats & sneaky Justin Timberlake-esque voice really got me. As soon as the song was over I switched over to Power96, & there it was again.

I can’t deny it anymore. Like a good friend of mine always says, I guess it’s just a game of probability. It was only a matter of time before I caught the Bieber Fever.

Check out his latest single ‘Boyfriend’ off his fourth album Believe. It’s co-written & co-produced by Mike Posner which is no wonder why it’s so hot & so un-bieberish. Smart move Justin. A video for the song is already in the works. For now, just listen to it below.

& while you’re at it check out my former Artist Pick of the Week Drew Tabor do her version of the song. She’s awesome!

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Big Sean is Finally Famous and he sure deserves it. If you’ve never heard of him he’s basically a cross between Fabolous & Lil Duval, but his sound is one of a kind and he has big names like Drake using his flow (but at least he gave him credit).

The Def Jam signed artist was born in Santa Monica, but raised in Detroit & is possibly the most talented rapper to come out of the Michigan area since Eminem. Sean was discovered  a few years ago by Kanye West at a local Detroit radio station where he would rhyme weekly to get exposure. After that, Kanye played the role of his mentor for a while until 2007 when personally called up Sean and had him sign with G.O.O.D. music.

He’s collaborated with artists like Mike Posner, Chiddy Bang, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, and now most recently, Chris Brown.

Big Sean’s debut album Finally Famous Volume 3 is officially being released June 21st so be sure to check it out!

Listen to the remix Sean did of one of my favorites, Adele’s ‘Hometown Glory’ & then check out one of his originals, ‘Supa Dupa Lemonade’.

BTW, someone needs to make a ‘Hometown’ about Miami..anyone? ;)

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If anyone thinks they’re cooler than Mike Posner they are living in a world of denial.

The singer/songwriter/producer hasn’t even recieved his Duke University diploma in the mail & has already been on stage in front of thousands, reached #1 on iTunes, been signed by J Records & is quickly on his way to the top.

Slowing down for no one, Posner has already performed at SXSW & Bamboozle this year & is on the line up for Bonaroo & the Vans Warped Tour as well.

The 22-year-old Duke alumnus who is set to release his sophomore album One Foot Out The Door this summer says, “If my career was a basketball season, I’m in the pre-season still”.

And if that’s the case I want season tickets :)

Check out one of my favorite songs from his Matter of Time album, ‘Drug Dealer Girl’, which he filmed one day on campus after one of his classes. This guy is amazing!

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