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Lila Nikole 2013 Electrika Preview

It’s natural for people to acquire inspiration from their surroundings. So when your surroundings just happen to be neon colors, flashing lights, electronic music, and a lively Miami backdrop at Ultra Music Fest the outcome is bound to be ELECTRIKA.

This weekend I was invited to attend the Electricka 2013 Swimwear Preview Collection by one of Miami’s own most successful swimwear designers, Lila Nikole. The New York Native who says she considers Miami her home debuted her new line at Bamboo Nightclub in front of a packed house Friday night as part of the many fashion events going on around town for Miami Swim Week.

The Electrika Collection was just that, 30 electric and vibrant swimsuits combining psychedelic patterns and bold colors with fringe, mesh, crochet, and even a little sequence for that oh so very Miami touch. The fashion show featured some muy caliente Miami Dolphin’s Cheerleaders strutting one of a kind bikinis and sexy one-piece swimsuits that had everyone’s attention.

I sat down with Lila before the show and she told me she’s been designing swimwear for six years and sewing since she was a little girl.

For my full interview with Lila, photos from the show, & how you can purchase swimsuits from the Electrika collection, check out http://www.InTheSceneMiami.com

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No Pants Day Every Day!

So I wake up this morning to news gossip about Miley Cyrus “pant-less” in Miami. This doesn’t shock me at first because let’s face it, were in Miami and to be quite honest, with all the recent happenings, NOTHING shocks me anymore.

Apparently, Miley was on her way to the studio yesterday while staying in town and was wearing no pants.

I hate pants! There is no one on this planet that hates pants more than me. The minute I get home it’s pants off time, so I feel for Miley. Who cares if she wants to wear her boyfriends hideous flannel button-down with combat boots and no pants?! We’re in Miami and if you weren’t aware it’s practically 100 degrees right now.

I’m with Miley on this one, let’s start a No Pants Revolution! Forget Casual Fridays; I say take of your pants!

Here is the “scandalous” picture..

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Miami fashionistas get ready for your newest shopping addiction! After years of the rumors, waiting, whining, & having to travel elsewhere to get your shop on at H&M, it’s finally opened up at home!

The real H&M replacing the old Lincoln Theater is still under massive construction, but the lovely people at H&M love Miami so much they decided to open up shop on the corner of Lincoln & Meridian for the meantime. I mean, it’s the least they could do! How Miami was chosen as the sixth city for an H&M in Florida is beyond me but I’m over that now because it’s finally here! Now let’s get to the good stuff!

When I first heard the grand opening was going to be happening early I called up the troops -you know, my girlfriends. Thankfully, my good friend Zunia was down for the adventure. We woke up Friday morning & headed out in the rain. Nothing was going to stop us! I figured we were at an advantage since most people work on Fridays & the rain would keep the weak ones away LOL.

Once we arrived (at 10am) I was in shock. Was no one really as crazy as me?! There were only 3 girls in line! We decided to hide from the rain for a bit while we plotted what we would be buying. Once 11am rolled around our hearts couldn’t take it. We went to stand in line & slowly but surely the crowds began to hover. The press was there, photographers galore, fashion bloggers, men, women, and even a few little kids were in line. Chad Ochocinco & Evelyn Lozada even got their shop on today; they didn’t have to wait in line though, obvs.

There was music, a pep squad, & even a countdown. Finally, we were let in! To my surprise everyone acted pretty civilized. I was having Black Friday flashbacks but everyone was great! I managed to grab a few (who am I kidding?), a ton of cute stuff & was ready to try them on until I realized it would take me at least an hour to get to the front of the fitting room line. I decided, what the heck? & got it all anyways. The employees made sure everyone knew returns & exchanges could be made up to 30 days from the purchase date which was great & saved us a lot of time. The store only has 3 tiny fitting rooms which was probably the biggest issue.

The temporary location is no where near the size of your typical H&M but it did the trick for now. It’s stocked with tons of bathing suits (all starting at $4.95), lots of beach cover-ups, maxi’s, shorts, tops & more all for great prices. I was surprised to find that the most expensive item I bought was my $34.95 wedges (which I’m completely in love with). I’m not sure if all H&M’s are offering these items but this store definitely has Miami written all over it!

Chad Ochocinco

Evelyn Lozada shopping

$34.95 wedges

$14.95 coral capris

$14.95 bathing suit

$24.95 cover-up dress

$4.95 bikini top & $17.95 chifon skirt

$12.95 clutch

All in all, it was a great success & Zunia & I were two very happpyyy campers!

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The Miami Dolphins Get Bit By The Reality Bug.

It’s no doubt Miami loves attention. We’re loud, outspoken, we wear tini bikinis practically year round, & don’t you dare leave a camera anywhere near us; I’m pretty sure were the reason the term “camera whore” even exists.

Many say Miami is like paradise, & who can really disagree? It’s the perfect backdrop for a movie -or say a reality TV show. This year the world will get a whole lotta Miami whether they like it or not, but we all know they love it ;)

The Miami Marlins have already announced their involvement in Showtime’s hit series The Franchise & by the looks of the pilot it should be pretty awesome.

Last week I told you about the new Jersey Shore-esque reality show airing this summer called The Catalina which spotlights the lives of hotel employees at the Catalina Hotel in Miami Beach.

Now, it seems like the Miami Dolphins have been bitten by the reality tv bug. The struggling NFL team announced that they will be the focus of the next season of the HBO series Hard Knocks airing this August.

Rookie Head Coach, Joe Philbin was quoted saying,

 “All the decisions that have been made this offseason have had one guiding principle — will it help our players and organization reach its full potential? This one is no different.”

What do you think about this? I don’t think the show will bring them any luck or miracles (which are desperately needed) but it will bring them lots of attention, which apparently, is never a bad thing in the MIA.

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Although the weather in Miami has been an unberable combination of shitty & depressing lately, there’s always a guaranteed little bit of sunshine in between all the rain. So with Memorial Weekend right around the corner, this means one thing & one thing only, get in as much beach time as you possibly can before the next storm comes along!

Before you head out to the beach however, there’s a few things I must get off my chest. Ladies, LESS IS MORE.

You don’t want to be caught wearing anything that looks remotely similar to this epic  fashion fail. Just because you have money, doesn’t mean you have style. This is something you should only wear if you’re a back up dancer for Lady Gaga -or a stripper. And the heels? Leave them for the club. A cute sandal would do just the trick.

And let’s not forget, not all bikini’s work for everyone. Wear something that flatters your body. Every time I see this picture of Ke$ha it makes me cringe. Black isn’t always slimming. Yikes!

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South Beach Hotel Home To Brand New Reality Series.

Hello again friends! Life has taken quite the exciting turn for me recently & I’ve been much busier than usual –hard to believe I know but it’s true. Any who, I’m back with some very exciting news as usual! I know you’ve missed me ;)

Let’s face it, ever since Snooki announced she was having a little bambino a little piece of hearts broke because we knew the Jersey Shore saga would never be the same. I mean, what’s fun about a preggo guidette who can’t drink, get sloppy, and do regretful things on national television? No worries my friends, fear no more! The CW is bringing you a brand new reality show to laugh & make fun of get addicted to and this time it’s based in our very own backyard.

Picture this.. 10 young, hot, hotel employees at the Catalina Hotel on South Beach. Some used to date, some are best friends, some are new to the crew. They work together, they party together, and it’s all a recipe for some drama!

The Catalina will air on Tuesday nights beginning one week from today from 8 to 9pm ET on the CW. Can’t wait!

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We Are Handsome Summer Collection.

It’s technically winter all over the country –all over excluding Miami of course. So while everyone else is shoveling snow & shivering in their parkas, we in Miami are the ultimate envy of the nation.

Even the Australian brand We Are Handsome flew all the way to the M.I.A. to shoot their Summer collection video. Of course they would! Check out the hot pieces in their 2012 Summer collection titled ‘The Romantic’ below. If you love puppies, lions, floral prints, corsets, tight outfits, and the Eifel Tower you’re going to love what We Are Handsome has to offer. If not, watch it anyway cause the video is great & it features music by Snakadaktal.

Shop We Are Handsome at http://wearehandsome.com/.

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Paris, Milan, New York City. They’re all known for their amazing fashion shows but none can say they’ve hosted a 24-hour non-stop runway show featuring a look for every minute including 1,440 different outfits.

This Saturday through Sunday Cotton Incorporated will be showcasing an incredible fashion show to celebrate “The Fabric of Our Lives” on Lincoln Road between Alton & Lenox. Each hour will showcase a different style and theme all made with that comfortable, light, cotton material everyone loves. Styles will include outfits for every occasion including “Sunday Brunch”, “Gameday”, “Urban Chic”, & even a little “After Hours” cause after all, this is Miami!

The 24-hour runway show begins at noon on Saturday featuring sounds by Miami’s own DJ Irie and goes on around the clock until noon on Sunday. Celebrity fashion icon & E! News Host Giuliana Rancic will be hosting the event along with Y-100 host & E! Correspondent  Michael Yo.  Cindy Taylor, Scott Evans, & Carla Fisher will also be taking turns hosting the show.

 If you can’t make it out there for any of the 24 hours of fashion & fun, you can always watch it stream live on www.cotton24hours.mtv.com

Check out the DJ set list below!


Saturday 12pm – 2pm    DJ Irie

Saturday 3pm-7pm         DJ Ross One

Saturday 8pm-10pm       DJ Joe Maz

Sat/Sun 11pm-1am         DJ Mia Morretti feat. Caitlin Moe

Sunday 2am-7pm             DJ Aulden Brown

Sunday 8am-12pm          DJ Juan Mejia

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Daddy Crush.

This weekend confirmed something for me, my “Daddy Crushes” are very much in full effect.

Anyways, I came across these pictures of one of my favorite Miami Heat players. Here’s Dwyane Wade at the beach celebrating the Labor Day Weekend in Miami with his kids & his gorgeous girlfriend Gabrielle Union.

How adorable is he?!

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Interview with Deco Drive..check.

Attend High School graduation..check.

Release first EP..check.

Just in time for new summer jams, I introduce to you Cris Cab. The 18-year-old Miami native who just walked across the stage at  Coral Gables Senior High’s graduation days ago (literally) has just released his first EP.

With his smooth sound, reggae style, mellow attitude, and some help from Pharrell I don’t doubt that Cris Cab will be Miami’s next big thing. 

Yup, that’s right. Pharrell introduced Cris in December of last year to a crowd of people poolside one night at Arkadia in the Fontainebleau where Cris performed a few songs solo as well with The Neptunes & N.E.R.D. star.

Six months later, Cris Cab has released his first EP titled FOREWORD after 2 years of working on the album & ONLY today can you download his entire album FOR FREE on his website. I checked it out & I love it. Download it! Cause I say so ;)

He’s a cross between Shwayze (You know..Baby would you be my Corona & lime?) & Bob Marley (a Cuban-American, 18-year-old Bob Marley with no dreads).

Check out his site & download the EP here: http://criscab.com/ & watch his official video for his song ‘Good Girls’ & his awesome remake of ‘All Of The Lights’ below! I also added the video for ‘My Life’ cause I just couldn’t help myself. Someone pass me a drink & build me a hammock cause I want to be on vacation with Cris Cab right now!

Tell me what you think!



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