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Video Memory Lane With J.Lo & her Ex’s.

As a lifelong J.Lo fan, I must stand by my fellow latina & say that I absolutely love her latest single ‘Dance Again’ featuring Mr. 305 Worldwide himself & of course her new boo Casper Smart. Cause after all, it wouldn’t be a J.Lo music video if she didn’t feature the dude she was dating.

But what J.Lo can’t seem to realize is that just like there’s a curse of the reality show marriage (Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey, that Brady Bunch guy & the one time America’s Next Top Model, almost of the Bachelor’s & Bachelorette’s, & so on) there is also a curse of the J.Lo video.

It never works out woman! I guess she just likes to keep the memory of the relationship in video form LOL. Let’s go back in time & see just how many ex’s are featured in Jenny’s videos..

J.Lo with Puff Daddy in ‘Been Around The World’ 1997

J.Lo & Marc Anthony in ‘No Me Ames’ 1999

J.Lo & Chris Judd in ‘I’m Gonna Be Alright’ 2001

J.Lo & Ben Affleck in ‘Jenny From The Block’ 2003


I can’t hate on her though, at 42 she is hotter than ever & her 24-year-old boy toy ain’t too shabby either. Check out her latest video below!

J.Lo & Casper Smart in ‘Dance Again’ 2012

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All’s Fair In Love & War.

Jenny from the block didn’t think she could be the only one rocking the cradle did she? Looks like ex-hubby Marc Anthony is giving her a taste of her own medicine.

Just weeks after announcing their divorce, J.Lo was spotted with a much younger backup dancer (dejavu anyone?) who has now become her official boo. Casper Smart & J.Lo have been seen everywhere together from Hawaii to our very own Miami where they spent New Year’s Eve at South Beach’s trendy Soho House.

This week Marc tweeted a picture of him & 24-year-old Venezuelan model, Shannon De Lima that has got a lot of people talking! It’s no secret that Marc has some sort of strange super power that attracts gorgeous women –remember ex-wife Dayanara?

Whatever it is, Marc does not take the phrase “anything you can do, I can do better” lightly. What do you think about Marc & J.Lo?!

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