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So this year I unfortunately had to work on Super Bowl Sunday womppp but, I managed to arrive at my friend’s Super Bowl fiesta just in time to catch the entire half time show & that was good enough for me!

Let me just say that Madonna was phenomenal! –minus that Kanye inspired warrior skirt. What the heck is up with this trend? Anyways, I’ve heard a lot of mixed emotions regarding the performance. Some people think she needs to retire, others think she came back harder than Britney. I would have to agree with the later.

Regardless of her minor slip (which can totally happen to anyone wearing 5-inch thigh high heels dancing on a slippery surface) Madonna brought it last night showing off a few moves that made me wonder if even I myself could pull that off. As far as the lip-synching rumors. I think the audio sucked & to defend the queen I shall say that when she did slip & almost fall, there were no words blasting through those speakers, so  I don’t believe it was completely lip-synching.

The entire production looked amazing though. The combination of new & old songs was expected, but M.I.A.’s giving the finger to the camera was not & now we will probably never have another performer under 60 perform at the Super Bowl again. Thanks a lot.

Anyways, if you missed it or just want to watch it again, check out the half time show below.

And if you haven’t already heard about Gisele’s “attack” against a Giant’s fan, here it is. Can you blame her though? She’s just defending her boo & she actually makes a valid point. Someone had to lose though, at least Brady can still go home with a super model.

I did practically miss all of the commercials. Which was your favorite?!

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The Queen Is Back!

The queen of pop is ready to reclaim her throne this year and is proving to everyone that age really aint nothin’ but a number. At 53, Madonna has released a brand new single featuring Nicki Minaj & M.I.A., is performing at the Super Bowl this Sunday, and will be releasing her 12th studio album MDNA sometime this spring.

Check out the video for her latest single ‘Give Me All Your Luvin’ below & tell me what you think! Does she still got it?!

Can’t wait to see what she has in store for the Super Bowl Halftime Show this year! Other performers will include Nicki Minaj, M.I.A., Cee-lo Green, LMFAO & performances from Cirque du Soleil dancers. I’m seeing wild outfits, lots of color, and even more surprises coming from a group like this one. The suspense is killing me! This should definitely be one for the books!

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Although she looks like Christina Aguilera in her Genie In A Bottle era, the Oakland rapper, singer, songwriter,  cinematographer, who smokes like Wiz Khalifa & sounds a bit like M.I.A, is no mouseketeer. This bitch is hardcore –down to her Goofy & Hello Kitty tats.

Being the head of the White Girl Mob is no easy task but Kreayshawn reps Oakland to the fullest in everything she does. Check out her official video for ‘Gucci Gucci’ below & download ‘Rich Whores’ for FREE on her site, http://kreayshawn.com/ & while you’re at it, you have to check out all of her work on http://cargocollective.com/kreayshawn. The girl has talent.

If any of you are in New York, Chicago, San Fran, L.A., or Philly you mightttt want to check her out. Click on the link to her site for dates & tickets.

Follow her on Twitter too @KREAYSHAWN cause she’s super fucking funny.

Obviously, I’m her new biggest fan. That is all. <3

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