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LL Tries To Escape Rehab.

Apparently this week, at the Betty Ford rehabilitation center in Rancho Mirage, California, Lindsay Lohan was having coke withdrawals.


So instead of calling up one of her dealers, Lindsay escaped the center with a new-found friend & headed over to a soda machine where she bought a Coca-Cola. LOL

The poor girl is delusional.

She actually thinks there’s coke in Coke! LOL

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Lindsay’s “Recovery”.

Surprise surprise! Lindsay Lohan has managed to get out of her court ordered 90 day rehab sentence in only…22 days!

The Hollywood Hot Mess who was sentenced to jail time because of a car accident in 2007 where she was charged with a DUI and later taken into custody for suspicion of drunk driving and cocaine possession is back on the streets! Yup, the first thing LL did when she got out of rehab? Go get her driver’s license.

Beware residents and drivers of the Los Angeles area, Lindsay Lohan is driving recklessly on a highway near you.

How long before her next encounter with the law? Let the betting begin!


Lindsay’s New Boot Trend.

Lindsay Lohan didn’t win any awards at the MTV Movie Awards last night, but she should’ve won the award for Most Creative Style While Wearing A SCRAM Ankle Bracelet LOL.

Lindsay wore a Pamella Roland sparkle encrusted jumpsuit to the award show that covered up the very unstylish ankle bracelet & has been spotted wearing lots & lots of boots lately. She even wore boots for a GQ Magazine bikini shoot! Too bad everyone knows what’s underneath those boots girl! Nice try though!

Lindsay tweeted asking Chanel if they could somehow spice up her bracelet with Chanel stickers because she felt it’s ruining her image.

HA! That image has long been ruined my dear! I highly doubt Chanel wants anything to do with your hot mess of a life!

What do YOU think about Lindsay’s new trend to cover up her crime?

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Lindsay Lohan Becomes Linda Lovelace.

After complete failure with her last two movies, (2007’s I Know Who Killed Me & the 2008 straight to DVD Labor Pains),  Lindsay Lohan is taking on a role which she hopes will “be the one to help her reclaim her status as a serious actress in Hollywood”.

Ha! Good Luck!

And what role is that you ask? Linda Lovelace, the most famous porn star of all time best known for her role in Deep Throat.

Yes, I’m serious.

Check out the promo pics from the porno movie where photographer Tyler Shields says Lindsay did an exceptional job. The shoot was done at a random motel in the Valley. Shock!

And, supposedly, Lindsay did a ton of research in between partying & dodging court appearances where she watched a lot of Linda Lovelace pornos & studied her pictures. LOL.

Oh Lindsay, this is just too much! What do YOU think? Would YOU go watch this movie??

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Lindsay Lohan, Prison Bound!

So it looks like her genius plan of flying to Cannes to party & get wasted promote her nonexistent “movie” has turned into an epic fail & now Lindsay will finally be going to jail.

According to reports, the LA judge warned Lindsay that if she missed today’s court appearance there would be a warrant out for her arrest. And now her lawyer has stated that she can’t leave France because her passport was STOLEN at a Cannes Film Festival party! Really? Who goes to a party with their passport?!

Lindsay has missed court dates in the past & hasn’t been in full compliance with her probation, failing to complete her alcohol education classes. Umm cause she’s been too busy getting some hands on alcohol education?

According to her crazy mother, Lindsay is “desperately” trying to get things resolved in France. Pshhh please! That girl isn’t even up yet! She was seen partying at the Belvedere party last night with Amanda Seyfried’s boyfriend, Dominic Cooper!

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