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Kardashian Christmas Card.

The holiday season can usually either bring out the best or the worst in people. While some people forget the true reason for the season, they worry more about outshining everyone else. Who’s house on the block will look most like the North Pole? Who in the office will bring the best dish to the christmas party? Who’s Christmas card family picture will be the most original? And well, if any family loves to shine, it’s definitely the Kardashians.

This year, they went all out with a professional shoot & designer wardrobe. But if you ask me, although it is ultra fabulous, there’s nothing “jolly” or “Christmasy” about their choice. It actually looks a little depressing. Check out this year’s family Christmas card including even Lamar Odom & everyone’s favorite, Scott Disick.

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Newlyweds Part Deux?

Looking back to reality tv history, it’s hard to believe any newly married couple would want to live their first months of wedded bliss in front of the camera for all of America to see..but this would never be the case if you’re a Kardashian.

E! genius Ryan Seacrest has already been planning to explioit…profit off of a reality television series featuring Khloe Kardashian & her hubby, LA Laker, Lamar Odom.

Production is set to begin filming in the next few weeks & the show will air in the Fall.

Do YOU think this is a good idea??

Suzie thinks NOT.

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Kardashian’s Happily Ever After.

As OK! Magazine revelaed this week, Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush are back together & apparently Kris Jenner is to thank.

The magazine reported that Kris called Reggie & “pleaded” for them to get back together. Was being around Kim really getting that depressing that she had to beg? I wonder how long this will last..

And for more news on the Kardashian’s, Khloe & Lamar have officially announced that they are expecting a baby! That’s gonna be one huge baby :x

Check out the cover of OK! Magazine!

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