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Although the weather in Miami has been an unberable combination of shitty & depressing lately, there’s always a guaranteed little bit of sunshine in between all the rain. So with Memorial Weekend right around the corner, this means one thing & one thing only, get in as much beach time as you possibly can before the next storm comes along!

Before you head out to the beach however, there’s a few things I must get off my chest. Ladies, LESS IS MORE.

You don’t want to be caught wearing anything that looks remotely similar to this epic  fashion fail. Just because you have money, doesn’t mean you have style. This is something you should only wear if you’re a back up dancer for Lady Gaga -or a stripper. And the heels? Leave them for the club. A cute sandal would do just the trick.

And let’s not forget, not all bikini’s work for everyone. Wear something that flatters your body. Every time I see this picture of Ke$ha it makes me cringe. Black isn’t always slimming. Yikes!

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Lady Gaga has released her latest short film music video for the single ‘Marry The Night’ off her Haus of Gaga album and if you thought she’s it would be anything less that 13 minutes, you were wrong! If you thought that for once she’d do a video that actually made some sort of sense so that the average American person can understand what the hell is going on, you were wrong again! Because after all, she is Gaga. She was sent here from another planet to confuse us, make us think, and completely creep us the fuck out.

I don’t know about you, but all I got from this video was this:

  • Hats tipped to the side are romantic.
  • Mint will be super in this Spring.
  • Lady Gaga likes gummy bears.
  • Cheerios & milk can get messy if you’re going through some shit.
  • Lady Gaga may sometimes be stylish, but she is not a certified beautician. Don’t let her dye your hair.
  • Bedazzling your denim will always be cool.

Apperently I missed the big picture & the video is actually suppsoed to portray what Gaga went through when she was dropped by her first record lablel, Island Def Jam. Ahhh, of course!

 Check it out for yourselves & let me know what you think!

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A Very Gaga Thanksgiving.

Little Monsters have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving because Katie Couric will be hosting A Very Gaga Thanksgiving on ABC with mother monster herself.

The 90-minute special will take us in to the real life of Stefani Germanotta beneath all of the costumes & theatrical performances according to Couric, (although I’m sure she will still be wearing multiple costumes). Gaga will be interviewed by Couric at her Alma Mater, Sacred Heart Catholic School in Manhattan and is said to perform eight different songs for viewers.

The special airs on Thursday, Thanksgiving day on ABC at 9:30pm. Can’t wait!

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Who Wore It Worse?

As you all know, Beyonce’s baby announcement the MTV VMA’s were on Sunday night. Although I must admit I haven’t watched it, yet there are two things keep popping up everywhere that I just don’t want to see anymore.

I don’t know what’s worse, Lady Gaga dressed as a man or Justin Bieber trying to look like a man with those stupid glasses & Kanye West’s outfit from last year. And cheetah shoes? Who are you, Snooki? I don’t understand him or why he felt the need to carry around a snake the entire time. This was not the Bring Your Pet To School edition of Show & Tell, it’s the freaking VMA’s so leave Johnson at home.

Although I can go on forever making fun of the Biebs, I have to say Gaga takes the cake once again. She’s seriously disturbing in drag. I just can’t.

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It wouldn’t be a Lady Gaga music video unless it was a short film, includes Gaga as multiple personalities wearing outfits that make you think “WTF?”, and in the end leaves you more confused than the movie Inception

With that being said, just when you thought it wasn’t possible to be any more confused by Gaga, here’s her latest video for ‘You & I’, a song that I’ve actually been waiting for a long time for & happens to be one of my favorites by her.

Gaga told her little monsters that the video would be her 1,000th tweet & she kept her word. She posted the video about an hour ago with this message,“You must love all + every part of me, as must I, for this complex + incomprehensible force to be true.” 

It’s already received over 13,000 likes but only 300 views. Hmmm, something tells me everyone is A.D.D. & couldn’t sit through the entire 6 minutes & 12 seconds of this shit.

I don’t blame them. Neither could I.

What’s the verdict? Dou you love it? Hate it? Think it’s artistic? Or just fucking weird?

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Gaga Does Yoga In Full Gaga Attire.

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything about Lady Caca Gaga, & that’s mostly because I’m still not convinced of her talent, & nothing much has changed. She is still ridiculous & tacky & trying much too hard to be both.

Today however, I just want to remind you of how ridiculous & tacky she really is. Last week this photo was taken of Gaga in Tokyo as she was heading to a nearby yoga studio –yeah, a YOGA studio.

I’m not an avid yogi but common sense is telling me there isn’t too many positions that would be pleasant while wearing a be-jeweled lace onesie. Just sayin’.

Can’t she just be normal for one hour?! Does she take off those monster heels & glasses while in class? How can people relax during yoga with her looking like that?!


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Gaga Needs A Power Balance Bracelet.

I’ve been known to make fun of Lady Gaga & her “fashion” choices in the past but it was all in good reason. I actually care about Gaga’s safety people! For a while now, a standard Gaga outfit consists of sky-high platform heels with no heels! This alone screams danger.

Well lately, Lady Gaga has been spotted falling & fumbling all over the place & in my personal opinion, it’s not cute. No one is going to be impressed by how high & fierce your heels are if you can’t even walk in them lady! Perhaps Gaga should stick to flats for a while or maybe a power balance bracelet? I don’t know anymore, but the falling needs to end. However, if she fell flat on her ass while I was attending a show, I think that would be just epic. LOL

Check out the most recent video of Lady Gaga falling on stage below!

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Product Placement Ruins Britney.

 If you haven’t watched Britney’s new video for ‘Hold It Against Me’, you’re not missing much. After all of the crazy hype and teasing on Facebook & Twitter with her six-second clips, I was hardly impressed. I couldn’t help but notice her poor dancing, unenthusiastic singing, and the fact that it looked like a freaking commercial for SONY amongst other things.

It turns out Britney made $500,000 off the product placement in the four-minute video. Some of the products advertised in the video were SONY televisions & monitors which were everywhere, Make Up Forever eyeshadow, Plenty of Fish dating website, & she even shows off her OWN perfume Radiance.

It’s not a coincidence that the video’s producer also produced Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’ which was also an exaggeration of product placement. So basically if you want your music video to look like a commercial for a bunch of non related items/brands, then you should definitely hire Jonas Åkerlund.

I was really excited for Britney’s second attempt comeback & I truly LOVE ‘Hold It Against Me’ (the song), but her dancing is no where as good as it used to be during her ‘ I’m A Slave 4 U’ era. I mean seriously, when they show her dancing she’s barely moving & the other times they cut to another scene so quick that you can’t even really see her dancing (possibly because her dancing sucked, but this is just my theory).

Anyways, you be the judge. Tell me what YOU think of all the product placement & her dance moves.

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Gaga the Soul Stealer?

I haven’t really heard anything SUZIE SAYS worthy about Lady Gaga in a while but yesterday I came across something too interesting to keep to myself.

Apparently, just a month before Lady Gaga crawled out of Staten Island to become one of the biggest music icons of all time, there was a 19-year-old singer/songwriter from the same town who was about to hit stardom as well, until she committed suicide when she jumped off of a Staten Island hotel rooftop.

Lina Morgana was working with Rob Fusari (the man who discovered Gaga) at the time and was writing & recording songs with Lady Gaga but was never able to reach ultimate fame due to her tragic ending on October 4, 2008.

Recently, Lina’s mother, Yana reached out to the press to open up about her daughter’s past & how Lady Gaga has possessed her soul to gain her own monster fame.

Oh yeah guys, it gets interesting.

Yana says her daughter, who was mentally and emotionally disturbed was obsessed with wigs, thigh high boots & had a dark tortured persona..the same persona Lady Gaga portrays on stage & on the streets. Yana says the outrageous outfits & dark back story that Gaga portrays to the public is not her at all because she never lived that life, Gaga came from a normal family & lived a regular childhood. She claims Gaga has used all of her daughters personality traits and charisma to establish her personality around it.

Although Yana claims Gaga stole her daughter’s performance techniques, fashion style, & stagecraft she is not seeking money. She simply wants the rights to release the songs her daughter & Gaga recorded before her death.

Creeeeeeepy! What do YOU think? Check out the pics & listen to ‘Wunderland’, a song Lady Gaga wrote for Lina. Also, I’ve included one of Lina’s videos ‘Far Away’.

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Katy Perry Bares All.


In honor of National Underwear Day..yes I’m serious, check out Katy Perry on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine & tell me what YOU think!

In the latest issue she talks about growing up in a strict & religious household, life before fame, her thoughts on fiance Russel Brand, Lady Gaga & blasphemy.

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