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When it comes to angry girl anthems Katy Perry, Adele, & Kelly Clarkson have pretty much covered all scenarios. But you can never really have enough angry girl anthems, and for this reason I introduce to you Neon Hitch.

I first caught on to her amazing voice on the most recent Gym Class Heroes single, ‘Ass Back Home’, but just the other day I discovered Neon Hitch has a lot more under her belt than I thought. She has a ton of YouTube covers where she completely makes some of my favorite songs in to her own & she even has a few originals too.

Her latest single ‘Fu*k You Betta’ is super hot & although obviously an angry song, it makes you wanna dance, which in turn makes you feel happy! Right? Right.

So check out the song below & while you’re at it watch the video with Gym Class Heroes too. I’m still obsessed with that song!



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Katy Perry Video Tease.

The past is like a handful of dust that filters through your fingers disappearing little by little. I wish, for one day, I could go back. In another life, I would do things differently.
In her latest song, ‘The One That Got Away’ for her Teenage Dream album, Katy Perry makes everyone think about a relationship in their past that they wish they could go back & change.
The video plays out like a mini movie, which seems to be a popular choice for artists lately. I can’t help but think of Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ video when I watch this trailer. Never the less, the song truly touches me & I can’t wait for the final outcome!
The official video will be released in just days on 11-11-11 & even includes a Stevie Nicks voiceover & Diego Luna as her love interest! Check it out below!
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Katy Perry Bares All.


In honor of National Underwear Day..yes I’m serious, check out Katy Perry on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine & tell me what YOU think!

In the latest issue she talks about growing up in a strict & religious household, life before fame, her thoughts on fiance Russel Brand, Lady Gaga & blasphemy.

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