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Selena’s Open Invitation


Is Selena Gomez sending an open invitation to her vajay in her latest single?

I’m either my mind is in the gutter or it’s true. Irregradless, I’m digging it.

Since last seeing her in Springggg Breaaaakkkk, it’s obvious the former Mickey Mouser wants to shed her good girl image and jump on over to the dark side, but who can blame her? The good girls never got anywhere and Britney & Christina are still kicking ass.

And since the Biebs is spiraling out of control anyway, she might be well on her way.

Check out her latest video for ‘Come & Get It’ and try not to belly dance, I dare you.

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As I’m sure most of you know, 99.9 % of my posts on Justin Bieber sole purpose is to make fun of him. So as much as it pains me to say that I’m actually diggin’ his new single, I totally am.

I first heard about it over a week ago & I tried, I really tried so hard not to even listen to it. The other night, on my way home from work however, I fell into the Bieber trap. It was playing on Y100 & the Pharell type beats & sneaky Justin Timberlake-esque voice really got me. As soon as the song was over I switched over to Power96, & there it was again.

I can’t deny it anymore. Like a good friend of mine always says, I guess it’s just a game of probability. It was only a matter of time before I caught the Bieber Fever.

Check out his latest single ‘Boyfriend’ off his fourth album Believe. It’s co-written & co-produced by Mike Posner which is no wonder why it’s so hot & so un-bieberish. Smart move Justin. A video for the song is already in the works. For now, just listen to it below.

& while you’re at it check out my former Artist Pick of the Week Drew Tabor do her version of the song. She’s awesome!

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Drake Is A Belieber.

Just when I thought I couldn’t hate on Justin Bieber anymore, Drake takes him under his wing.

It’s official, Bieber has moved on to a new swag coach and his swag is only gonna get more serious from here on out. Apparently, Drake will be working on Justin’s new album titled Belieb –hahaha, just kidding. The album is really going to be titled Believe, but what’s the difference? 

Starting in January, Bieber will be working on new music with Drake & rumor has it even Kanye West will be helping out as well.

Great! As if everyone doesn’t already suffer from Bieber fever. Check out video from a recent concert in California where Drake & Bieber do a remix to ‘Trust Issues’. I gotta admit, I’m throwing in the hater towel. I’ve officially quit drinking haterade & I will no longer make anymore Bieber jokes. The kid is not too shabby.

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Scandal In Bieberland.

Beliebers, you better belieb it! Looks like Justin Bieber’s got a baby, baby, baby, oohhhhhh!

Justin has gotten hit with a paternity lawsuit by the woman who claims to be his baby momma! I cannot express how much I’m loving this.

According to Star magazine & the alleged mother of his child, Mariah Yeater, the two had sex backstage at one of his concerts just one year ago. Yeater, 20, was 19 at the time & the Biebs was only 16 making this little sexcapade even more interesting. Soliciting sex with a minor? Bieber’s into cougars? Who would’ve thought little Biebs had it in him?

While Justin & his people deny the allegations, I’d love to see this unfold. What would all of the little Beliebers think?!



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Who Wore It Worse?

As you all know, Beyonce’s baby announcement the MTV VMA’s were on Sunday night. Although I must admit I haven’t watched it, yet there are two things keep popping up everywhere that I just don’t want to see anymore.

I don’t know what’s worse, Lady Gaga dressed as a man or Justin Bieber trying to look like a man with those stupid glasses & Kanye West’s outfit from last year. And cheetah shoes? Who are you, Snooki? I don’t understand him or why he felt the need to carry around a snake the entire time. This was not the Bring Your Pet To School edition of Show & Tell, it’s the freaking VMA’s so leave Johnson at home.

Although I can go on forever making fun of the Biebs, I have to say Gaga takes the cake once again. She’s seriously disturbing in drag. I just can’t.

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Willow Smith Can No Longer ‘Whip Her Hair’.


I can’t even write this without laughing. Willow Smith is an interesting little character. I’m not sure if I believe her whole ‘image’ is her creation, but the girl has been making news for her fashion nonsense for a while now.

Recently, Willow has been seen whipping her hair back and forth all over the place. But her new haircut will just make that look pretty fucking ridiculous.

Check out Willow’s new do. It could possibly be worse than Justin Bieber’s haircut –and nothing is worse that Justin Bieber’s haircut.

What do YOU think?? Is the bowl haircut gonna be the next “Rachel”? LMAO.

BTW, Justin Bieber asked Willow Smith to join him on tour. That will officially be the “worst hair tour” in history unless this girl gets some good weave put in asap. Just sayin’.

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SMH @ Justin Bieber.

Sometimes I wonder if Justin Bieber actually enjoys getting made fun of. Recently I read that little Justin has started his own OPI nail polish line. NAIL POLISH!

The Nicole line  entitled the “One Less Lonely Girl” collection specifically designed for his tween fans obvs. includes colors such as “One Less Lonely Glitter (lavender), Prized Possession Purple (grape), Give Me The First Dance (silver), Me + Blue (dark blue), OMB! (bright red), and Step 2 the Beat of My Heart (heart-shaped glitter).

I wonder what his “swag coach” thinks about this.

So not cool Bieber, so NOT cool.

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Kim K has Bieber Fever.

A few weeks ago pictures surfaced of Kim Kardashian splashing around a beach in the Bahamas with none other than my favorite person ever, Justin Bieber. This was weird for obvious reasons.

Now, it all makes a little more sense, but it’s still very weird & even a little disturbing.

Apparently, Kim & Justin were in the Bahamas together because they were doing a photo shoot for Elle magazine. The theme of the photo shoot was “The Graduate”, you know the classic movie where the older woman seduces the younger man. The two were photographed in lingerie & running along the beach holding hands.

Am I the only one thinking WTF?! Check out the pics & tell me what YOU think. I would really like to know LOL!

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So I found this video & could not have been more happy. Justin Bieber was professing his tween love to his fans at a concert when out of no where a crazed prepubescent little girl gets so incredibly excited that she actually throws a bag of candy from the crowd and hits little Bieber right in the face!


Watch as he gets hit in the face over & over again on this wonderfully edited video. Also notice how quickly he tries to fix his hair. LMAO, loser.


Bieber Gets Tatted!

But it’s hardly as cool as you’d hoped, really..

Justin Bieber got tatted in Toronto, Canada this March and pictures are just now surfacing on the web. What did the tween heart throb get tatted on his scrawny little body you ask? None other than a little bird.

Apparently, it’s a tradition in his family to get a tattoo of a bird LOL. I really wish this was all a joke but sadly it is not. It’s reported that most of his relatives (who I presume are GIRLS) have the tattoo on their wrist but of course Bieber being the manly daredevil that he is, got the birdie on his left hip bone.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at the pics! It’s hard to see mostly due to the fact that it’s microscopic but whateva. To each his own. I wonder if his “swag coach” thought this would be a good idea..What do you think about Bieber’s new tat?!

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