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Some pictures really are worth a thousand words; others are just worth one.

WOW is all I have to say after finding this one online. Snooki hasn’t had her bambino yet but she sure is getting use of that stroller before he/she gets here.

The question is, where will she put all the beer once the baby arrives?! Perhaps she should consider a double-stroller.

With all of the unexplainable success behind Snooki’s two books, I wouldn’t be surprised if her next book venture includes some motherly advice for mother’s-to-be. In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Snooks shared some advice to the world. Brace yourselves..

“Me and Jionni have made a rule: If we’re hungover or if we’ve had two drinks, we’re not going near the child,” she explained, “We’ll give him to Grandma. God forbid we drop our baby!”

Of course.

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South Beach Hotel Home To Brand New Reality Series.

Hello again friends! Life has taken quite the exciting turn for me recently & I’ve been much busier than usual –hard to believe I know but it’s true. Any who, I’m back with some very exciting news as usual! I know you’ve missed me ;)

Let’s face it, ever since Snooki announced she was having a little bambino a little piece of hearts broke because we knew the Jersey Shore saga would never be the same. I mean, what’s fun about a preggo guidette who can’t drink, get sloppy, and do regretful things on national television? No worries my friends, fear no more! The CW is bringing you a brand new reality show to laugh & make fun of get addicted to and this time it’s based in our very own backyard.

Picture this.. 10 young, hot, hotel employees at the Catalina Hotel on South Beach. Some used to date, some are best friends, some are new to the crew. They work together, they party together, and it’s all a recipe for some drama!

The Catalina will air on Tuesday nights beginning one week from today from 8 to 9pm ET on the CW. Can’t wait!

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Shore Shower.

Honestly, I haven’t watched a Jersey Shore episode since Mike got in to a fight with a wall in Italy, but this clip was just too ridiculous not to share lol.

Watch a sneak peek of what goes on in tomorrow’s episode of Jersey Shore & find out the true meaning of a “Shore Shower”. So gross! Even for you Snooks!

I can’t.


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There’s A Situation.

I’m sure you’ve all been hearing about the latest scandal between Abercrombie & Fitch vs. The Situation, but if your only outlet to the entertainment world is through Suzie Says (which is totally understandable), I’m here to fill you in with the buzz.

Basically, the douche in this situation (no pun intended) is Abercrombie & Fitch. Shocking, I know because most of the time the Situation is the douche but not today and here is why.  Abercrombie & Fitch sent out a press release saying this,

“We are deeply concerned that Mr. Sorrentino’s association with our brand could cause significant damage to our image,” a rep for the clothier said. “We understand that the show is for entertainment purposes, but believe this association is contrary to the aspirational nature of our brand, and may be distressing to many of our fans.”

WTF? I understand, you don’t want potential buyers to think that Abercrombie is cool cause the Jersey Whores Shore cast wears it. But let’s be real, if it wasn’t for them occasionally wearing a pair of your sweatpants no one would even remember you exist anymore.

Although the group probably owns more diamond encrusted Ed Hardy apparel than actual Abercrombie merchandise, Abercrombie looks like the ultimate hypocritical douchebag because they came out with this shirt..

Oh & this one..

Thanks Pauly for the TwitPic! Yeah.

What do you think??

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Thursdays Are Jersdays Once Again.

Fist pumping Thursday Jersdays are finally back in my life & I couldn’t be happier. It might even be the cause behind my unexplainable happiness this morning now that I come to think of it. The guidos surprised me with the stupidity & uncontrollable laughter last night that I had been lacking in for months while being without them and it was awesome!

Although some of the cast members look slightly different in a positive way (except for Vinny who I think looked exactly the same with his invisible “beard”), they haven’t changed one bit. It was only a few minutes in to the episode before Snooki said something that made you think “seriously?!”, or Sammi swore for the one millionth time that she was over Ron this time & really happy, or Mike tried to sabotage a relationship & “get it in” with a roommate, & of course it wouldn’t be an episode of the Jersey Shore without two of the roommates exchanging saliva at a club.

The first show was everything I wanted it to be. It was an Italian masterpiece. A work of art. Perfection.

What do you see in the future of this season?! I wanna know!

PS- Thank the DVR Gods for my fast forward button because if I seriously had to sit through one of those 6 hour energy commercials every single commercial break I think I would have to shoot myself.

That is all :)

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It’s Almost Time To Fist Pump!

I must say, when I first heard about the Jersey Shore going to Italy for Season 4 I wasn’t too sure how the season would turn out. With all the drama and limitations the Italian Prime Minister was putting on MTV I thought it would be a bore. But after watching this trailer I don’t know how I ever doubted my guidos.

The roommates are still getting punched, Mike & Ronnie still go off on roid rages, Snooki is still doing cartwheels & flashing her cuca to the world, Pauly & Vinnie become more guido than I even thought was possible, JWow’s boobs are bigger than ever, Deena is still class in a glass a party in a body  and for a little while I even forgot Sammie was there. It’s exactly like all the rest of the seasons!

Whether you love or hate it –but secretly love it, check out the trailer below & start fist pumping cause August 4th is right around the corner! I cannot wait!

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Snooki Slims Down.

Our favorite pint-size, 4’9″ Guidette should no longer be referred to as a “meatball” but as a “baby carrot” because she’s been going hard at the gym!

Snooki has made it public on Twitter for a while now that she has been taking her “G” very seriously, (possibly even more serious than her “T”). Anyways, she recently tweeted:

“As everyone’s planning their night at the club, I’m wondering when Golds closes lol #motivated.”

“Dying at the gym! Can’t feel maaaa legs!!! (Forest Gump Voice) Jennnayyyy help mehh @JENNIWOWW

“Sleep! Early GTL tomorrow <3 mwAh tweedos !”

#beastmode at the gym with @Ryder__!!! Raaaa”

“Water is my new best friend. #dieting

And it’s no joke! Check out the before and after pic I’ve posted below! The “after” pic was just posted by Snooki 3 days ago. Who knew our little Guidette could turn in to such an inspiration?! Do I smell a “GTL” book in the future? LOL What do you think of Snooki’s new bod??



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Don’t Call It A Comeback.

Brit Brit performed some of her brand new songs from her seventh album, Femme Fatale during a free concert for a crowd of fans in San Francisco on Sunday.

The special Good Morning America segment with Britney will air tomorrow on ABC where she will apparently be making a very important announcement. I’m just gonna go out on a limb here, but I seriously hope this announcement includes her tour & my boo Enrique Iglesias because that would just make my entire week! I’ve already heard rumors but an official announcement would be epic!

Before the GMA concert, Britney made a surprise appearance at Rain Nightclub in the Palms Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on Friday night where resident DJ Pauly D from the Jersey Shore was also spinning that night. During the 45 minute show it was said that she performed two new songs. The Palm’s performance will be part of an MTV special airing next week promoting the new album.

I must say this GMA performance is much better than the horrible “performance” we all had to witness for her ‘Hold It Against Me’ music video (sorry Britney, but I’m not sorry). Watch the never before seen performance of ‘Til The World Ends’ below! Although she’s obviously lip syncing, her dance moves are much more on point. This is the Britney I love & miss. I absolutely love this song! What do you think?!

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Keenan Cahill Beats That Beat.

It looks like YouTube sensation, Keenan Cahill is taking lessons in Guido 101 from Pauly D. Watch as he beats that beat with my favorite guido of the bunch. All Keenan is missing is some hair gel & a tan dontcha think? LOL

Keenan has videos featuring 50 Cent, David Guetta, & now DJ Pauly D. Who else would you like to see featured in one of Keenan’s videos??

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The Guidos Take On ITALIA.

Our favorite guidos got some good news today, it appears that MTV has decided to get the Jersey Shore cast on the air for yet another season & this time ITALIA will have the pleasure of hosting the hot messes!

Snooki went on Twitter today & announced “Just heard the most amazing news! WOHOOO! ;) @JENNIWOWW @DJPaulyD @VINNYGUADAGNINO @MTVsammi @MTVRonnie @ItsTheSituation @DeenaNicoleMTV”.

Then, Pauly D tweeted, “OOooh I Lovee Italy This Time A Yeah !!!!”

So does this mean we’re still gonna have to sit through another season of Sammi & her roller coaster of bipolar emotions?! I hope not. I really hope she finds herself a hot italian sausage to make the experience a little more pleasurable for the both of us because I’m so over her!

I also hope that they don’t make us American’s look even worse while they’re over there. We all know Europeans think Americans are stupid & spoiled. What a great group to send over lmao! Can you imagine Snooki getting arrested overseas?! Do these people even speak Italian?!

I have a feeling the next season is going to be great!

Season 4 will begin filming this Spring & air sometime at the end of this year. Can’t wait!!

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