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Video Memory Lane With J.Lo & her Ex’s.

As a lifelong J.Lo fan, I must stand by my fellow latina & say that I absolutely love her latest single ‘Dance Again’ featuring Mr. 305 Worldwide himself & of course her new boo Casper Smart. Cause after all, it wouldn’t be a J.Lo music video if she didn’t feature the dude she was dating.

But what J.Lo can’t seem to realize is that just like there’s a curse of the reality show marriage (Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey, that Brady Bunch guy & the one time America’s Next Top Model, almost of the Bachelor’s & Bachelorette’s, & so on) there is also a curse of the J.Lo video.

It never works out woman! I guess she just likes to keep the memory of the relationship in video form LOL. Let’s go back in time & see just how many ex’s are featured in Jenny’s videos..

J.Lo with Puff Daddy in ‘Been Around The World’ 1997

J.Lo & Marc Anthony in ‘No Me Ames’ 1999

J.Lo & Chris Judd in ‘I’m Gonna Be Alright’ 2001

J.Lo & Ben Affleck in ‘Jenny From The Block’ 2003


I can’t hate on her though, at 42 she is hotter than ever & her 24-year-old boy toy ain’t too shabby either. Check out her latest video below!

J.Lo & Casper Smart in ‘Dance Again’ 2012

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& no thankfully it won’t be Pitbull representing the 305, I’m talking about “Mexico’s Brad Pitt”. William Levy might be considered a “super estrella” in the Cuban community of Miami, but after the premiere of this season’s Dancing With The Stars, I wouldn’t doubt that the entire country will be on the Levy train.

The telenovela star who most recently appeared in one of J.Lo’s music video ‘I’m Into You’, has been chosen to be one the contestants on the reality competition show. I’m just going out on a limb here, but between his ridiculously hot body, charming face, & the Cuban rhythm running through his blood, this guy can potentially be the last man standing.

While many are complaining about the lack of actual “stars” in this season’s cast, I would have to disagree.

First of all, Steve Urkel is on the show. That should be enough celebrity for anyone who watched television in the 90’s. Also, Gladys Knight will be staring as the old person. Donald Driver of the Green Bay Packers will be your male athletic connection. Gavin Degraw will be playing the pop star who’s been absent from the pop world for a while and needs to make a comeback. Then you have Maria Menounos, one of my idols. She is obviously only the show because they needed a hot female contestant to attract somewhat of a male audience. The rest of the people don’t really matter. And then of course there is William Levy <3 Sighhhh.

So there you have it! My expert analysis on this year’s Dancing With The Stars contestants. Be sure to watch the show premiering March 19th on ABC.

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Brand New J.LO Video Premiere.

Jennifer Lopez gets together with the hottest man in hip hop right now & the hottest man in Spanish Telenovelas in her brand new video for ‘I’m Into You’ & the video is nothing less than HOT HOT HOT, as expected of course from this year’s People Magazine’s “World’s Most Beautiful Woman”.

Check out the video premiere from this morning’s TODAY Show on NBC. The song featuring Lil Wayne doesn’t actually feature Wayne in the video, but instead features the super hot Cuban novela superstar William Levy who I’m sure now, will get more than outstanding reviews for his debut. Could this video be William’s big break into mainstream?! I think so!

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J.LO Back On The Floor.

J.LO premiered her brand new video this week on American Idol. The song ‘On The Floor’ features Mr.305 himself, Pitbull.

Check out the complete video & tell me what you think! Is J.LO back? I think so! Love it!

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