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Everyone knows that when you spend a certain amount of time in Miami, fashion & style becomes a part of you. It’s part of our lifestyle and our identity. Wherever you go, people can always tell that you’re from Miami by your undeniably stylish attire. So when GQ Magazine decided to spotlight The Most Stylish NBA Players Ever, it’s no surprise 4 of them play for our own Miami Heat.

The Big 3 & even Juwan Howard made the list along with a few of his college teammates who helped banish the short shorts in the sport with a more baggier, loose-fitting style. Check them out below!

Juwan Howard & his Michigan State teammates get #12

Chris Bosh gets #5

Dwyane Wade gets #3

LeBron James gets #2

Check out the other guys that made the list HERE.

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Daddy Crush.

When he’s not gracing the cover of GQ Magazine, or filming movies like Twilight & Priest, Cam Gigandet can be found on the playground with his 2-year-old daughter Everleigh.

The hottie who was GQ’s main man this month said in  an interview with the magazine that he prefers watching his daughter’s favorite movie for the the seventh time over partying it up at a club.

I melt.

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Lindsay’s New Boot Trend.

Lindsay Lohan didn’t win any awards at the MTV Movie Awards last night, but she should’ve won the award for Most Creative Style While Wearing A SCRAM Ankle Bracelet LOL.

Lindsay wore a Pamella Roland sparkle encrusted jumpsuit to the award show that covered up the very unstylish ankle bracelet & has been spotted wearing lots & lots of boots lately. She even wore boots for a GQ Magazine bikini shoot! Too bad everyone knows what’s underneath those boots girl! Nice try though!

Lindsay tweeted asking Chanel if they could somehow spice up her bracelet with Chanel stickers because she felt it’s ruining her image.

HA! That image has long been ruined my dear! I highly doubt Chanel wants anything to do with your hot mess of a life!

What do YOU think about Lindsay’s new trend to cover up her crime?

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