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Mike “The Situation” Disses Jersey.

It’s only a matter of time before Jersey Shore’s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino becomes another city’s situation.

The reality tv star turned Dancing With the Stars “star” told George Lopez on George Lopez Tonight,  “I love it out here, I’m definitely gonna move out  here.”

Reports are saying that someone close to Sitch says,  “He’s gone all Hollywood now. He thinks he’s better than everyone and has gotten a huge head. He wants to be hanging out with Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise now not the folks at the Jersey Shore.”

Ummm sorry to burst your bubble “bro”, but you are not a celebrity & neither Cameron Diaz nor Tom Cruise want to hang out with you. In fact, I’m sure not even their assistants want to hang out with you.

People just want to make fun of you & the ridiculous nonsense that comes out of your mouth. You weren’t really welcomed in Miami & I’m sure Hollywood doesn’t really want you either..unless you bring along Snooki of course :)

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George Lopez, The Next Cheating Scandal?

The late night talk show host is being accused of cheating on his wife with a prostitute known as Tiffany. The woman, who is from the Tampa Bay area, supposedly has proof of her claim to fame in text messages.

Is this shocking? Not really.

The National Enquirer was the first to break the story, (also not shocking) and many don’t believe it but but the rumors are spreading quickly and the truth will soon be revealed, hopefully not in the form of some lame press conference *cough, Tiger, cough*.

What seems to be the most upsetting is that Lopez’s wife, Ann Serrano-Lopez gave up one of her kidneys to save George’s life a couple of years ago. What a way to show your gratitude douche. Lopez was also one of the people who spoke out about the Jesse James & Sandra Bullock cheating scandal after it happened. Ironic.

Do YOU think it’s true??

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