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So the word is spreading that Madonna just might possibly be the half time performer at the Super Bowl XLVI, but just how legit is this rumor?

Back in 1988 when the Super Bowl was in Miami, there was also a rumor that Madonna was going to perform but that obviously wasn’t the case. Then again, in the year 2000 for Super Bowl XXXV, she agreed to perform and then decided to back out at the last-minute.

So will Madonna be too diva to show up at Lucas Oil Stadium on February 5th? If she does perform, it’ll be her first Super Bowl halftime performance ever. She’d also be the first female to perform on stage (other than Fergie) since the Janet Jackson nip slip incident.

Would you want to see Madonna perform at halftime? I wanna know!


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I’m Addicted & I Just Can’t Get Enough.

Regardless of the awful singing done by Fergie during the Super Bowl Halftime Show this year, I have always & will always love the Black Eyed Peas –minus ‘Boom Boom Pow’ which I never understood. Anyways, their latest single off their new album The Beginning is titled ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ & that’s exactly how I feel about it!

Will.I.Am says the new album “symbolizes growth, new beginnings and starts, fresh new perspective.”

I couldn’t agree more. The video for ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ was actually filmed in Japan just a week before the massive earthquake occurred & the tsunami swept away parts of the country. Which leads me to my next suggestion; if you haven’t already donated to the Japan Relief Funds you should check out these links to legit sites where you can donate:




Now check out the video & tell me what you think! Can you get enough?! ;)

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