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H&M Grand Opening…Miami style

The new H&M (which I have been patiently awaiting for years) has finally arrived & it’s huge! The pop-up shop on Meridian could only hold me down for so long, but the new two-story venue has made it just in time for the holidays.

There was a red carpet, booze, celebrities, and lots of fashion at the Grand Opening of the new H&M on Lincoln Road Wednesday night and I was one of the lucky ones who got in before the doors officially open today at noon.

NYC DJ, Mia Moretti turned the store into a legit fashion par-tay & Flo Rida even performed later on in the night. Between the jams blaring throughout the store and the super hot male models donned in all white & red bow-ties passing around free drinks, I was one happy shopper.

So let’s get to it. Here’s my Suzie Says review:

Customer Service: The hospitality was out of this world. They might have had their entire staff on deck, but EVERYONE was there to assist and make your shopping experience an absolute pleasure. Big shout out to Cristina in the Menswear fitting room for being amaze & getting me everything I needed!

Sizes:  H&M is known to run a little small so don’t go into a manic depression when you can’t get your size 6 pants to zip up. I should’ve made a note to self prior stepping in to the fitting room, but with all of the excitement I was in a shopaholic daze! But now you guys know, if you’re normally a size 6 you’re most likely going to be a size 8.

Parking: Some people may think Lincoln Road can be tricky for parking, but I’m pleased to announce that there’s a parking garage DIRECTLY behind the store! $1 an hour, you can’t beat that ;)

Check out some photos below!









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Lila Nikole 2013 Electrika Preview

It’s natural for people to acquire inspiration from their surroundings. So when your surroundings just happen to be neon colors, flashing lights, electronic music, and a lively Miami backdrop at Ultra Music Fest the outcome is bound to be ELECTRIKA.

This weekend I was invited to attend the Electricka 2013 Swimwear Preview Collection by one of Miami’s own most successful swimwear designers, Lila Nikole. The New York Native who says she considers Miami her home debuted her new line at Bamboo Nightclub in front of a packed house Friday night as part of the many fashion events going on around town for Miami Swim Week.

The Electrika Collection was just that, 30 electric and vibrant swimsuits combining psychedelic patterns and bold colors with fringe, mesh, crochet, and even a little sequence for that oh so very Miami touch. The fashion show featured some muy caliente Miami Dolphin’s Cheerleaders strutting one of a kind bikinis and sexy one-piece swimsuits that had everyone’s attention.

I sat down with Lila before the show and she told me she’s been designing swimwear for six years and sewing since she was a little girl.

For my full interview with Lila, photos from the show, & how you can purchase swimsuits from the Electrika collection, check out http://www.InTheSceneMiami.com

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Lots of professional athletes have collaborated with sneaker companies to design their own shoes in the past, but most professional athletes don’t have the style and swagger that the Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade has. Whether it’s his post game interview wardrobe choice, or his outfit at a red carpet event, the man’s got style & it always shows. Soaking in all the hot fashion that the Miami lifestyle exudes during his time here, it’s no shocker that D. Wade would be bit by the fashion bug himself.

The NBA baller has united with Del Toro to collaborate on their high-end loafer brand. It all began when Del Toro designed a few custom shoes for Wade and he loved them so much that they suggested he make a few designs himself. Below are some of his custom, one of a kind designs but don’t get too excited, they’re only available in Wade’s closet for now.

Perhaps he’ll be spreading the swag soon? I hope so! These are not your grandpa’s loafers! Would you rock ’em?

Spreading His Swag?

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Everyone knows that when you spend a certain amount of time in Miami, fashion & style becomes a part of you. It’s part of our lifestyle and our identity. Wherever you go, people can always tell that you’re from Miami by your undeniably stylish attire. So when GQ Magazine decided to spotlight The Most Stylish NBA Players Ever, it’s no surprise 4 of them play for our own Miami Heat.

The Big 3 & even Juwan Howard made the list along with a few of his college teammates who helped banish the short shorts in the sport with a more baggier, loose-fitting style. Check them out below!

Juwan Howard & his Michigan State teammates get #12

Chris Bosh gets #5

Dwyane Wade gets #3

LeBron James gets #2

Check out the other guys that made the list HERE.

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We Are Handsome Summer Collection.

It’s technically winter all over the country –all over excluding Miami of course. So while everyone else is shoveling snow & shivering in their parkas, we in Miami are the ultimate envy of the nation.

Even the Australian brand We Are Handsome flew all the way to the M.I.A. to shoot their Summer collection video. Of course they would! Check out the hot pieces in their 2012 Summer collection titled ‘The Romantic’ below. If you love puppies, lions, floral prints, corsets, tight outfits, and the Eifel Tower you’re going to love what We Are Handsome has to offer. If not, watch it anyway cause the video is great & it features music by Snakadaktal.

Shop We Are Handsome at http://wearehandsome.com/.

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Trends That Should End In 2012.

I don’t consider myself to be an expert of fashion, but I am a lover of fashion. I’m also not a huge believer in this ridiculous theory (no offense to any Mayan’s out there) that the world is going to end this year, but I do however have very strong feelings towards certain fashion trends that should.

First up, ‘crackel nail polish’. Unless you are Ke$ha, or live in a trash can there is no reason why your nails should look like this. The fact that someone even invented this boggles my mind. When your nails are chipped, it’s time to paint them again. You shouldn’t want to paint them to look chipped on purpose! This doesn’t make you look cool, it makes you look dirty.

The second trend actually just really freaks me out. Apparently, someone thought it would look cool to dye their hair gray and now everyone is doing it. I mean isn’t that what hair dye is for in the first place? To hide your grays?! If this was some sort of scheme to make aging cool it’s just dumb. Everyone knows getting old sucks, wrinkles suck, gray hairs suck. There is no amount of brainwashing you can do to make me think any different. And to prove my point..who looks hotter? Sharon Osbourne or her daughter with freakishly strange gray hair? Exactly.

But the top worst trend of 2011 had to be the nerd glasses. Why oh why must we be tortured with this horrific accessory?! Ladies & gents, I’m not saying glasses can’t be sexy, but there is a fine line between sexy & just fucking stupid. The absolute worst ones are the glasses WITHOUT a lens. What is the point of this?! If you ever wear these glasses you deserve to get poked in the eyeballs –hard. Like I previously mentioned, nerd glasses can be hot, mostly if you look like anything like this guy..in which case, you should probably wear nothing but nerd glasses at all times. Yum.

However, nerd glasses aren’t always your friend. They can & will make you look like a fucking idiot…

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Paris, Milan, New York City. They’re all known for their amazing fashion shows but none can say they’ve hosted a 24-hour non-stop runway show featuring a look for every minute including 1,440 different outfits.

This Saturday through Sunday Cotton Incorporated will be showcasing an incredible fashion show to celebrate “The Fabric of Our Lives” on Lincoln Road between Alton & Lenox. Each hour will showcase a different style and theme all made with that comfortable, light, cotton material everyone loves. Styles will include outfits for every occasion including “Sunday Brunch”, “Gameday”, “Urban Chic”, & even a little “After Hours” cause after all, this is Miami!

The 24-hour runway show begins at noon on Saturday featuring sounds by Miami’s own DJ Irie and goes on around the clock until noon on Sunday. Celebrity fashion icon & E! News Host Giuliana Rancic will be hosting the event along with Y-100 host & E! Correspondent  Michael Yo.  Cindy Taylor, Scott Evans, & Carla Fisher will also be taking turns hosting the show.

 If you can’t make it out there for any of the 24 hours of fashion & fun, you can always watch it stream live on www.cotton24hours.mtv.com

Check out the DJ set list below!


Saturday 12pm – 2pm    DJ Irie

Saturday 3pm-7pm         DJ Ross One

Saturday 8pm-10pm       DJ Joe Maz

Sat/Sun 11pm-1am         DJ Mia Morretti feat. Caitlin Moe

Sunday 2am-7pm             DJ Aulden Brown

Sunday 8am-12pm          DJ Juan Mejia

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Cause You Shouldn’t Have To Blo Yourself.

Blow Dry Bars have been a big hit throughout cities around the country so it’s only right for them to start popping up around Miami. This fall, Blo Blow Dry Bars will be opening up at The Shops at Midtown & The Shops at Mary Brickell Village as well.
Blo prides itself in being the original blow dry bar and specializes solely on blow jobs –you know, like for hair.
The trendy salon where scissors and chemicals are forbidden offers affordable deals for men, women, and even young girls.
A standard styling from Blo’s signature hair menu will cost you just $35 and styles include everything from Red Carpet and Executive Sweet to High Society and Hugs, Sex, & Rock & Roll.
So whether you want to look fresh for an important meeting or have a special night planned, Blo Blow Dry Bar will be the place to go. Hair cadets prepare to be blown away, quick and affordable pampering is on its way!
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Wear Clothes That Fit.

For years I’ve watched petite girls like Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen where huge ass clothing that were clearly 4 sizes too big and wonder, why? Then I was made to believe that shit was cool & simply called “bohemian”.

Well, I have finally come to my senses and say fuck eff that. It just makes you look stupid.

Vanessa Hudgens has had her fashion faux pas here & there but for the most part she is a pretty stylish girl, except for this weekend when she showed up to the premiere  of Iris: A Journey Through the World of Cinema by Cirque du Soleil at the Kodak Theatre on Sunday wearing what must have been Khloe Kardashian’s dress.

Sweetie pie, you’re a tiny girl & there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s cute, but brush your hair and wear clothes that fit. You look like you’re ten years old & playing dress up.

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Clown Barbie.

Nicki Minaj recently said in an interview that when she gets dressed she thinks to herself,

 “I really don’t give a damn, I’m going to do what the hell I want.”

This might not surprise many of you because the self-proclaimed Barbie is clearly in a competition with Lady Gaga for the Worst Dressed of The Year award.

Check her out below at Carolina Herrera’s show at Fashion Week. Apparently she thinks the arts & crafts look is cute.

Tragic. That’s all I have to say, & I’m sure Anna Wintour would agree. Que pena.

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