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Selena’s Open Invitation


Is Selena Gomez sending an open invitation to her vajay in her latest single?

I’m either my mind is in the gutter or it’s true. Irregradless, I’m digging it.

Since last seeing her in Springggg Breaaaakkkk, it’s obvious the former Mickey Mouser wants to shed her good girl image and jump on over to the dark side, but who can blame her? The good girls never got anywhere and Britney & Christina are still kicking ass.

And since the Biebs is spiraling out of control anyway, she might be well on her way.

Check out her latest video for ‘Come & Get It’ and try not to belly dance, I dare you.

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Although she looks like Christina Aguilera in her Genie In A Bottle era, the Oakland rapper, singer, songwriter,  cinematographer, who smokes like Wiz Khalifa & sounds a bit like M.I.A, is no mouseketeer. This bitch is hardcore –down to her Goofy & Hello Kitty tats.

Being the head of the White Girl Mob is no easy task but Kreayshawn reps Oakland to the fullest in everything she does. Check out her official video for ‘Gucci Gucci’ below & download ‘Rich Whores’ for FREE on her site, http://kreayshawn.com/ & while you’re at it, you have to check out all of her work on http://cargocollective.com/kreayshawn. The girl has talent.

If any of you are in New York, Chicago, San Fran, L.A., or Philly you mightttt want to check her out. Click on the link to her site for dates & tickets.

Follow her on Twitter too @KREAYSHAWN cause she’s super fucking funny.

Obviously, I’m her new biggest fan. That is all. <3

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Britney Comes Out.

For those of you doubting Britney’s comeback or her ability to get her body back to 100% after two boys, shaving her hair off, and god knows what else it’s been through in the past four years, I give you these photos.

Brit Brit grazes the cover of OUT Magazine this month where she talks about being Audrey Hepburn in her previous life (yeah.), how she considers Christina Aguilera “truly talented”, and how Madonna & Sarah Jessica Parker are her greatest inspirations.

What do you think of these shots? I especially love the cross tattoo right by her crotch –she’s so holy! LOL.

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Is Christina Aguilera Getting Dirty With The Assistant?

After Christina Aguilera’s split with hubby Jordan Bratman, the media has of course been dying to tie her to any & every living, breathing, walking penis in America to stir up some drama. Most recently it’s been the set assistant for  ‘Burlesque’ , Matthew Rutler, but don’t worry it’s not true, his mom says so.

According to reports, Rutler’s mother has come out to the press saying that her son and Christina are just friends. Okay lady, like we’ve never heard that one before!

His mom says, “I can tell you that they are absolutely not dating. They are friends but nothing more than that.
Right now Christina needs a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen to her problems, and that is exactly what Matthew is doing,” she continued.

She says her son is a very “loyal person who hates seeing friends upset–and that’s all Aguilera is to him, a friend.”


The two were recently seen  leaving the Soho House in West Hollywood on Friday night with Nicole Richie and Joel Madden. Double date perhaps? LOL

I give it til the end of the year before they go public about this.

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Miley Does It Again.

It’s no surprise who Hollywood’s future hot mess is going to be. Between her sexy phone pics leaked on the internet, her much older boyfriends, and scandalous music videos, 17-year-old Miley Cyrus (and her people) know exactly how to make her one of the most highly talked about pop stars of our time.

Her latest video for her song ‘Who Owns My Heart’ is already causing a stir just days after being released. In the video Miley channels her inner Britney and frolics around on a bed seductively before heading out to a huge mansion party where she bumps & grinds on both guys & girls..but Miley isn’t Britney, she’s 17!

She sings, “So come on baby, Keep provoking me, Keep on roping me, Like a rodeo, baby, pull me close, Come on, here we go, here we go, here we go”

Although some people think this is super scandalous, I say we haven’t seen anything yet. She is just getting started and it’s only a matter of time before she gets real dirty, like Christina Aguilera 2002 dirty.

What do YOU think??

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