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I have another confession my friends. I am an over thinker. I over analyze, I read between the lines, I try to find the meaning behind every symbol, action, or word. I blame every single one of my English teachers for creating this monster. It’s a gift and curse I must admit & a habit I’ve learned to push away throughout the last year or so but I’m a girl. It’s who I am & I can’t help it. I’ve pretty much stopped doing this in my personal life but when it comes to silly things like pop culture I just can’t control myself.

Anyways, I do this thing (it’s quite sad actually or maybe you’ll find it comical) where I try to dissect celeb tweets or lyrics or music videos. Sometimes I’m pretty on point about things & then I hear about it on Perez or some other media outlet & I’m like “YESSSSS I knew it!” & I feel cool.

Well, on that note I shall give you my take on Rihanna’s new music video for ‘Take Care’ featuring Drake. This way, when you hear about later you will stop & say to yourself, “Pshh, I read that on Suzie Says weeks ago”.

You’re welcome.

So, I couldn’t help but notice the over usage of showing a bull & a fish in the video. Like, it was basically featuring Drake, a bull, a fish, & a bird. The entire music video is pretty simplistic but I know these tricks & I know that there’s meaning behind everything they do in these videos. I’ve read Rihanna’s subliminal tweets, I know she’s still in love with Chris Brown. Therefore, here’s my analysis..

Chris Brown is a Taurus & Rihanna is a Pisces which is the fish sign. The video is all about them!


There you have it folks. Watch the video & tell me what YOU think!

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Oh Chrissy Poo. You just don’t get it do you?

While partying it up in the 305 this weekend, Chris Brown got a little out of hand once again & allegedly snatched a fan’s phone away from her while she was trying to take a picture of him leaving Cameo Nightclub and then drove off with it.

Apparently, the victim, Christal Spann informed the police & Chris is now being accused of one count of robbery which if convicted would in turn cause him to violate his probation. No bueno.

Was it really that serious? Did you really have to steal the poor girl’s phone? I wonder what he was trying to hide. Hmmm.

Chris is supposed to be attending the Heat vs Knicks game tonight at the AAA. Let the drama continue..

What do you guys think?!

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House Music Hits The Grammy’s.

For years electronic music has been a sound of the underground. Although it’s a huge deal overseas, for some reason, American’s just haven’t given it the credit it truly deserves –until now.

This year has been huge for the electronic scene. With more on-air rotation for house dj’s than ever before, David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Swedish House Mafia, Deadmau5, & others have somehow gotten a lot more attention from music lovers by collaborating with big names.

& this year for the first time ever there will be a house music performance at the Grammy’s! David Guetta will perform alongside Chris Brown & Lil Wayne & Deadmau5 will be spinning his remix of the Foo Fighters ‘Rope’ along with Dav Grohl & the rest of the band outside of the Staples Center in a huge tent for 1,000 people!

So exciting!

Make sure to catch the 54th annual Grammy Awards this Sunday on CBS!

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Daddy Crush.

As I was YouTube surfing the other day I came across this adorable daddy daughter duo. I once saw their video months ago & a few weeks later they were on The Ellen Show. I decided that I just had to make him my Daddy Crush of the week because let’s face it, there’s nothing hotter than a dad jamming out with his little girl.

Check out this video of Jorge Narvaez & his 6-year old daughter Alexa. They are too cute!

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“It’s like screaming and no one can hear. You almost feel ashamed that someone can be that important, that without them you feel like nothing.  No one will ever understand how much it hurts. You feel hopeless, like nothing can save you and when it’s over and its gone you almost wish that you can have all that bad stuff back so you can have the good.”

That’s what Rihanna’s brand new video for ‘We Found Love’ starts off with. A video that many fans are already buzzing about. At first I had to disagree, I didn’t think this guy looked anything like Chris Brown. But the more I watch it, the more I can’t deny the uncanny resemblance of her love interest to that of her infamous ex-boyfriend. Although I don’t believe the video is all about him, you can’t ignore the fact that the entire relationship greatly impacted Rihanna & this video most liked was inspired by that.

The entire video is so magnetic. Whether you’ve been in a situation as dramatic & self-destructive as the one portrayed in her new Requiem For A Dream-ish video or not, I think many people can relate. Love is a drug & this one definitely wins my vote for best video of the year. Rihanna & genius director Melina Matsoukas did an amazing job at delivering this intense love story. Check it out below!

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Rihanna Follows Chris Brown.

Rihanna has disappointed a few fans, but it’s not something she said, it’s something she did.

Last week, Rihanna decided to “follow” her infamous ex, Chris Brown –on Twitter that is. Then, a few seconds later received A LOT of back lash for it from crazy obsessed fans on the social media network which then led to Rihanna responding with:

@iStan4Rihanna_ its fuckin twitter, not the alter! calm down”

(which btw, she misspelled “altar” SMH)

What do you think about it? Why do you think Rihanna would want to follow Chris on Twitter? Isn’t his account public anyways? Justtttt sayin’.

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Big Sean is Finally Famous and he sure deserves it. If you’ve never heard of him he’s basically a cross between Fabolous & Lil Duval, but his sound is one of a kind and he has big names like Drake using his flow (but at least he gave him credit).

The Def Jam signed artist was born in Santa Monica, but raised in Detroit & is possibly the most talented rapper to come out of the Michigan area since Eminem. Sean was discovered  a few years ago by Kanye West at a local Detroit radio station where he would rhyme weekly to get exposure. After that, Kanye played the role of his mentor for a while until 2007 when personally called up Sean and had him sign with G.O.O.D. music.

He’s collaborated with artists like Mike Posner, Chiddy Bang, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, and now most recently, Chris Brown.

Big Sean’s debut album Finally Famous Volume 3 is officially being released June 21st so be sure to check it out!

Listen to the remix Sean did of one of my favorites, Adele’s ‘Hometown Glory’ & then check out one of his originals, ‘Supa Dupa Lemonade’.

BTW, someone needs to make a ‘Hometown’ about Miami..anyone? ;)

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YouTube covers as you know, are one of my favorites, but I couldn’t believe what this cute couple based out of Boston was capable of until I watched the video for myself! It might just be the whitest version of ‘Look At Me Now’, but watch Amy & Nick, better known as Karmin do their own rendition of Chris Brown’s latest single–& yes, Busta Rhymes’ crazy fast verse is included!

They have their own channel on YouTube which includes a bunch of other covers & even some originals. Check out their ‘Look At Me Now’ below & tell me what you think!

Also, check out their website http://www.karminmusic.com/ for more songs & videos!

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Chris Brown Loses It On The Set Of GMA.

If you haven’t already heard, Chris Brown got a little out of control on the set of Good Morning America yesterday  & broke a glass window in the building that apparently shattered & fell all over the sidewalk. After the interview with Robin Roberts, Chris was furious (for obvious reasons), ran into his dressing room, began screaming & ripping off his clothes (hot, i know) & then threw a chair at the dressing room window.

I mean, was ripping off that tacky jean vest like if he was going to fight someone really necessary? Ok, maybe it wasn’t, but he looked much better without it ;) While most people want to point their fingers at the guy once more, I would like to defend him.

Like it was mentioned by Robin  many times throughout the interview, a lot of negative things happened 2 years ago and “we’ve been through it”. Exactly woman! We’re all aware! What is the point of your interview? Are you really trying to get him so angry to the point where he punches YOU in the face too?!

To Chris’s defense, he tried steering the interview back to its main purpose –his new album F.A.M.E plenty of times. He even went on to explain to Robin what “F.A.M.E.” means –Forget All My Enemies or Fans Are My Everything…apparently he couldn’t just pick one. Regardless, Robin wasn’t getting the hint. She continued to bring up irrelevant shit and then giggle & say “thank you” and smile as if she didn’t just bring up one of the worst times in his life on live television.

You are NOT Barbara Walters bitch. Stop trying to turn this into a deep 20/20 segment where you finally make Chris really cry & get the best interview of your life. You really aren’t that great so stick to the script, ask the questions, stay on his good side, and move on with the show.

The interview is just painful to watch. Do you think Robin Roberts went a little overboard with the Rihanna mentions or is Chris Brown just a madman?

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Chris Brown’s Tears Not Convincing.

Although I didn’t catch the BET Awards last night because I was too busy watching much better television & knew that I could somehow find out about everything via Facebook commentators, I did manage to watch the clip of Chris Brown’s MJ tribute on YouTube.

His dramatic spectacle of tears during his ‘Man In The Mirror’ performance was a little too…fake for my taste. I can’t understand what all the fuss was about. Sure his dance moves were amazing as usual, his MJ impersonation was on point, but when he “looks in the mirror” he’s still a woman beater. The world has not forgotten.

If you don’t agree with me, take this into consideration. During the commercial break, his new movie was being advertised. He is an actor & a performer people and his job is to act, especially while on stage.

Where were all the tears during his public apology?? Just sayin’.

If you were too busy wastching True Blood & Entourage, see what I’m talking about here. What do YOU think?

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