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Selena’s Open Invitation


Is Selena Gomez sending an open invitation to her vajay in her latest single?

I’m either my mind is in the gutter or it’s true. Irregradless, I’m digging it.

Since last seeing her in Springggg Breaaaakkkk, it’s obvious the former Mickey Mouser wants to shed her good girl image and jump on over to the dark side, but who can blame her? The good girls never got anywhere and Britney & Christina are still kicking ass.

And since the Biebs is spiraling out of control anyway, she might be well on her way.

Check out her latest video for ‘Come & Get It’ and try not to belly dance, I dare you.

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Britney Spears is in trouble with the London law, but don’t worry her crazy, bald, window bashing alter ego isn’t back –just yet.

While shooting her latest video for her single ‘Criminal’, London officials thought her footage was looking a little too real and accused her with “lawlessness and weapon-wielding”.

What they failed to notice was that her “weapon” was a prop, and her “lawlessness” was all being filmed against an imaginary bank as part of a scene in her video. Now, London demands an apology –and money.

“I think she should apologize and make a sizeable donation to a Hackney charity that deals with young people…” Councillor Ian Rathbone, of the Hackney Council said “for the rudeness and damage she’s done to this community.”

I’m not exactly sure what “damage” she’s caused but I think these people are the “rude” ones. I’m pretty sure Brit’s people needed a permit to film this video there so if they were able to get it Councillor Ian Rathbone should just hush his face.

Yeah, I said it.

Go on with your bad self Brit Brit! Check out the pics below!

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Poo Cocktail Supreme.

I don’t usually like writing about the same person twice in one week but I just could not resist sharing this hilarious clip with you all. LMAO

Seriously, I don’t know how she was talked in to doing this, but Britney Spears went on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show and performed two skits before also performing one of her new songs from Femme Fatale. In one of the skits Britney was part of a stunt featuring another guest of the show, Johnny Knoxville. Britney was locked in a porta potty & flung in to the sky! I’m not kidding. Watch the clip below & notice how Britney keeps her mouth open for the majority of the ride!


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Don’t Call It A Comeback.

Brit Brit performed some of her brand new songs from her seventh album, Femme Fatale during a free concert for a crowd of fans in San Francisco on Sunday.

The special Good Morning America segment with Britney will air tomorrow on ABC where she will apparently be making a very important announcement. I’m just gonna go out on a limb here, but I seriously hope this announcement includes her tour & my boo Enrique Iglesias because that would just make my entire week! I’ve already heard rumors but an official announcement would be epic!

Before the GMA concert, Britney made a surprise appearance at Rain Nightclub in the Palms Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on Friday night where resident DJ Pauly D from the Jersey Shore was also spinning that night. During the 45 minute show it was said that she performed two new songs. The Palm’s performance will be part of an MTV special airing next week promoting the new album.

I must say this GMA performance is much better than the horrible “performance” we all had to witness for her ‘Hold It Against Me’ music video (sorry Britney, but I’m not sorry). Watch the never before seen performance of ‘Til The World Ends’ below! Although she’s obviously lip syncing, her dance moves are much more on point. This is the Britney I love & miss. I absolutely love this song! What do you think?!

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Britney Comes Out.

For those of you doubting Britney’s comeback or her ability to get her body back to 100% after two boys, shaving her hair off, and god knows what else it’s been through in the past four years, I give you these photos.

Brit Brit grazes the cover of OUT Magazine this month where she talks about being Audrey Hepburn in her previous life (yeah.), how she considers Christina Aguilera “truly talented”, and how Madonna & Sarah Jessica Parker are her greatest inspirations.

What do you think of these shots? I especially love the cross tattoo right by her crotch –she’s so holy! LOL.

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Product Placement Ruins Britney.

 If you haven’t watched Britney’s new video for ‘Hold It Against Me’, you’re not missing much. After all of the crazy hype and teasing on Facebook & Twitter with her six-second clips, I was hardly impressed. I couldn’t help but notice her poor dancing, unenthusiastic singing, and the fact that it looked like a freaking commercial for SONY amongst other things.

It turns out Britney made $500,000 off the product placement in the four-minute video. Some of the products advertised in the video were SONY televisions & monitors which were everywhere, Make Up Forever eyeshadow, Plenty of Fish dating website, & she even shows off her OWN perfume Radiance.

It’s not a coincidence that the video’s producer also produced Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’ which was also an exaggeration of product placement. So basically if you want your music video to look like a commercial for a bunch of non related items/brands, then you should definitely hire Jonas Åkerlund.

I was really excited for Britney’s second attempt comeback & I truly LOVE ‘Hold It Against Me’ (the song), but her dancing is no where as good as it used to be during her ‘ I’m A Slave 4 U’ era. I mean seriously, when they show her dancing she’s barely moving & the other times they cut to another scene so quick that you can’t even really see her dancing (possibly because her dancing sucked, but this is just my theory).

Anyways, you be the judge. Tell me what YOU think of all the product placement & her dance moves.

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Britney Sneak Peak.

After  12 days of  six second long sneak peaks of her music video for ‘Hold It Against Me’ being released on YouTube, Britney Spears has decided to release a 30 second teaser which is hardly complete but just long enough to get you totally excited for the final product. Stay tuned for the final version of the video coming soon! I’ll be sure to post it as soon as it’s out!

What do you think so far?!


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Britney’s Back BITCH.

It’s Brtiney BITCH & she’s coming back to take the throne. America’s pop princess has had a rough couple of years in the media but has definitely worked her butt off in recent months to try & climb her way back to the top.

Her lead single off of her seventh album, ‘Hold It Against Me’ was supposed to be released tomorrow but thanks to internet leaks Suzie Says viewers get to hear the FULL version today!

You’re Welcome.

Check it out below & tell me what YOU think! I’m officially obsessed <3

Her new album which still remains untitled will be released in March & Britney plans to record the video for ‘Hold It Against Me’ in two weeks. Can’t wait!

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Miley Does It Again.

It’s no surprise who Hollywood’s future hot mess is going to be. Between her sexy phone pics leaked on the internet, her much older boyfriends, and scandalous music videos, 17-year-old Miley Cyrus (and her people) know exactly how to make her one of the most highly talked about pop stars of our time.

Her latest video for her song ‘Who Owns My Heart’ is already causing a stir just days after being released. In the video Miley channels her inner Britney and frolics around on a bed seductively before heading out to a huge mansion party where she bumps & grinds on both guys & girls..but Miley isn’t Britney, she’s 17!

She sings, “So come on baby, Keep provoking me, Keep on roping me, Like a rodeo, baby, pull me close, Come on, here we go, here we go, here we go”

Although some people think this is super scandalous, I say we haven’t seen anything yet. She is just getting started and it’s only a matter of time before she gets real dirty, like Christina Aguilera 2002 dirty.

What do YOU think??

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Little Miley Gets Scandalous.

Following in the  dirty, bare footsteps of Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus decided to add a little spice to her performance of ‘Can’t Be Tamed’  on the show Britain’s Got Talent.

The 17-year-old whore in the making singer dipped a female dancer down & “mimicked” an intense kiss.

Is she just trying to prove that she “can’t be tamed”? Someone needs to cage that girl up & hide her from the world cause her music sucks.

Watch her performance below or better yet, fast forward to the “scandalous scene” cause no one really wants to hear her singing anyways. It happens at 1:08.

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