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Blue Ivy Carter Has Arrived.

Hip Hop’s most anticipated baby has arrived! After much speculation about a pregnancy conspiracy, Beyonce gave birth to her baby girl yesterday & let’s just say Blue Ivy Carter is already a diva.

The first time parents had the entire wing of the Lennox Hill Hospital in NYC to themselves but you really wouldn’t expect anything less for their royal bundle of joy.

According to GMA, the couple chose “Ivy” because of the significance of the number “4” or “IV,” —  Beyonce and Jay-Z were born on Sept. 4 and Dec. 4, respectively, were married on April 4, 2008, and Beyonce’s latest album is entitled 4. Jay’s favorite color is blue so there you have it! LOL.

What do you think of the baby name?!

It’s been reported that Beyonce will not be selling any photographs of Blue but I may have an idea of what she may look like..

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Yesterday marked the day the Victoria’s Secret Angel’s walked the runway in uber hot lingerie. Today marks the day when millions of women & teens begin their diets in hopes of looking like one of them. But the fact is, you never will. LOL. So let’s move on to my favorite parts of the show!

First of all, how much love was there in that freaking room?! Between Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr (who we will discuss later), Jay & Beyonce, & Adam Levine & Anne Vyalitsyna love was definitely in the air. I can’t even begin to express how completely adorable Adam & Anne looked on that runway. They’re my new faves!

Also, it made me really relieved happy to see that Kanye West decided to give his leather warrior skirt a rest but that did not deter away from the fact that he instead chose to wear leather jeggings. I just don’t know anymore. But Jay, I love you. You are definitely my fave.

Next up, the themes. They were ah-may-zing! So creative, so original, I loved them all! This year really stood out amongst the rest. The show featured Ballet, Super Angels, Spanish Passion, Aquatic Angels, Spell On You, & Club Pink. I was kinda bummed they didn’t include a Christmas theme this year but there just wasn’t enough time! One hour just isn’t enough! Check out some of my fave look below.

Now let’s talk about what everyone is talking about. Miranda Kerr’s body. It just isn’t fair. Heidi Klum amazed us year after year, baby after baby but this is just getting ridiculous. Miranda gave birth to baby Flynn just 10 months ago & this year was her turn to be Queen Angel. It’s like the ultimate prize Angel’s get when they have babies. This year Miranda won the trophy & she got to wear it on her tits. $2.5 million dollars worth of jewels on a Victoria’s Secret bra. Breathtaking, just ask Orlando.

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Who Wore It Worse?

As you all know, Beyonce’s baby announcement the MTV VMA’s were on Sunday night. Although I must admit I haven’t watched it, yet there are two things keep popping up everywhere that I just don’t want to see anymore.

I don’t know what’s worse, Lady Gaga dressed as a man or Justin Bieber trying to look like a man with those stupid glasses & Kanye West’s outfit from last year. And cheetah shoes? Who are you, Snooki? I don’t understand him or why he felt the need to carry around a snake the entire time. This was not the Bring Your Pet To School edition of Show & Tell, it’s the freaking VMA’s so leave Johnson at home.

Although I can go on forever making fun of the Biebs, I have to say Gaga takes the cake once again. She’s seriously disturbing in drag. I just can’t.

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Solange Knowles Goes Bananas.

This weekend was just a regular old weekend on the South Beach night scene. Locals, tourists, & celebrities alike partied the night away in our beautiful city –except for Solange Knowles of course because she was denied entrance in to Cameo.

Why was she denied you ask? Well it wasn’t because they didn’t recognize her as the future auntie of Beyonce & Jay-Z’s little bundle of joy –although that could have totally been the case because who really remembers what the eff Solange looks like any way? Back to the story, she was pulled aside from the line because she was carrying a giant inflatable banana.

What?! Yes.

Now, as a girl who has walked into a Miami nightclub with a giant inflatable penis, I find this to be a little absurd.  Large, inflatable objects just make nights out on the town more enjoyable for some people. There’s no harm in carrying around a large inflatable penis, or as Solange prefers it..a banana.

So what did she do? She went on a Twitter rant like any other mature adult would do after they were humiliated in front of a club, not by the giant banana they were carrying but by the Miami Beach Police who she claims threatened her (or her banana) with a gun. This part still isn’t too clear.

Moral of the story: Inflatable penis’ are more socially acceptable than inflatable bananas, just ask my friends..





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Bow Down To Beyonce.

I’ve never been the one to jump on the Sasha Fierce bandwagon but Beyonce’s ballads always seem to hit a weak spot. There’s no denying her talent & her lyrics are always relatable –yes, even that dreadful ‘Put A Ring On It’. Her new album 4 is full of classics including her latest single ‘Best Thing I Never Had’.

This song is definitely one to relate to. So females (& males too), join in and sing loudly in your cars, showers, bedrooms, kitchens, even in your cubicles and let those scumbags know how great it feels to have dodged a bullet ;)

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