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Free Art Fridays

Friday Funday has a whole new meaning now that I’ve discovered Free Art Fridays.

Last Friday I spent the day hunting for free art around the city with my friend Janin. Free art you wonder? Yes. Imagine a cross between serial stalker meets scavenger hunt for art.

Janin, who is a lover of the arts got me to join a group on Facebook where different local artists prep you for the weeks hidden pieces. They basically create a piece of art and give it up for free. They hide them at any given place in Miami, take a photo of it or give you a clue as to where to find it on the Facebook page and the hunt is on!

Janin & I were super excited for this and took the hunt extremely serious. Our game face was on -sort of. It was like we were on the Amazing Race. Like Khole Kardashian and her ‘cortadito’, we just HAD to find the stuff.

Luckily, our day was a success & we found two awesome pieces left by the Registered Artist in “el parque de los locos” appropriately named considering Janin & I are two locas whenever we’re together.

Check out our sweet pieces!


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As most of you know, it’s Art Basel time in Miami. But if you can’t afford to scoop up any high-priced pieces at these events, I’ve got something you might be interested in.

Local artists Wase One & Tony Diamond have created over 100 original cigarette boxes and are scattering them around the Wynwood area throughout Art Basel. If you spot one of these  uniquely painted boxes, it’s yours! You can take a little piece of Art Basel home with you for FREE! How cool is that?

These guys are also taking things a step further. If you happen to find one with a special label, you’ll win an original canvas! It’s sorta like Willy Wonka meets smoker-art scavenger hunt. If you find one of these, you MUST contact the guys within 24-hours of your finding to qualify for your free canvas. They can be reached through Instagram & Twitter at @ithinkyourenew & @tonydiamondMIA. Don’t forget to hashtag #lostinwynwood!

The cigarette boxes can be found on trees, fences, windowsills, and any surface at about eye level. They’re placing them in the area around the Wynwood Walls and are wandering through some of the side streets.

Good luck & Happy hunting!



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Last night Miami Beach was alive. Not to say that it usually isn’t, but if you were out & about on our beautiful streets, you know what I’m talking about. Art Basel is in full blast & I couldn’t be more excited!

I’m so honored & thrilled to have had the chance to attend the Pop Up Piano Miami Fundraising Concert last night. The entire Pop Up Piano committee put on an incredible event with a special concert put on by singer/songwriter Yuna, the unbelievable Elew, and a surprise performance by Miami’s own, Cris Cab.

If you haven’t had a chance to tickle the ivories, check out the pop-up performances happening Friday & Saturday in the Midtown/Wynwood area.

The gorgeous butterfly piano will be at Sugarcane for the next few days with a POPM guest performance by local musicians Locos Por Juana & Suenalo on Friday, Dec. 7 at 7:30 p.m.

Ross Von Rosenberg’s colorful piano will be at the Wynwood Cigar Factory on Saturday, Dec. 8 with  performances by Juke, the Heavy Pets & Arboles Libres beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Check out my photos from last night below & be sure to check out these pianos around town!

The über talented artists responsible for the gorgeous pianos


The very beautiful & talented Yuna (http://www.yunamusic.com/)


Cris Cab stopped by for a surprise performance too! (http://www.criscab.com/)


The man who blew everyone away, ELew! (http://elewrockjazz.com/)


Isabella Acker & I. She’s one of the founders of The Black Key Group & Pop Up Piano Miami. She’s also amazing overall!


Whitney Lykins & I. She’s another one responsible for pulling off this incredible event.


The very cool piano painted by POPM’s own & urban artist, Arnaud Pages


An Alex Mijares original


The colorful piano that will be featured at the Wynwood Cigar Factory by Ross Von Rosenberg


Wase One’s finished product! Catch & Release!


Deco Drive’s own Louis Aguirre also enjoyed the night of art & music


Two dates are better than one! I had a great time thanks to these two!


 Don’t forget to visit www.popuppianomia.com for all the info on where to find the pianos!

Happy Baseling! xo


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Pop Up Piano Miami Debuts Art Basel Pianos.

As December approaches, most people are feeling anxious about Christmas. However, due to the lack of Christmas-like weather Miami is dealt each year, I’m anxious about Basel.

Pop Up Piano Miami combines the love of art, music and charity while enriching the community.

Last night I attended my first Art Basel event of the year, Pop Up Piano Miami’s Pre-Basel mixer where 8 different artists from around Miami displayed Steinway pianos with their own personal twists. Artists included Eric Estrada AKA Wase One, Ivan Roque, Desiree Kawass, Rodrigo Gaya, Federico Carosio III, Ruben Ubiera, Alexander Mijares and Ross Von Rosenberg.

The artists were chosen out of dozens of applicants by the Pop Up Piano Committee to customize Steinway-donated pianos, creating an original, one-of-a kind, functional pieces of art. The pianos are then put on public display throughout the community during Art Basel Miami Beach Week, making it one of the city’s most wide-spread music and public arts project during Basel Week.

The event was held at the Miami Ironside Warehouse, an absolute perfect venue in Wynwood. Crowds of art lovers gathered around to be the first to see the colorful pianos in person. Thanks to social media, I got to see bits and pieces of the pianos beforehand, but in person they were simply breathtaking.

KIND Snacks and Pattycake Bakery provided the snacks. Steep City Teas & Deep Eddy Vodka provided the drinks & DJ Scotty K provided the tunes.

A BIG shout out goes out to the incredible Pop Up Piano committee for creating such an amazing program and event.

Visit the Pop Up Miami official website  for more information on their gala taking place on Dec. 5 at the Perry Hotel South Beach.

Stay tuned for my upcoming Basel posts! Happy Baseling! xo

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Art Basel Miami Beach 2010

For those of you unaware of Art Basel & what it’s about here’s a quick synopsis. It’s one of the most important art shows in the country, going on December 2nd through the 5th. It only happens in Switzerland and Miami Beach once a year. It showcases a multitude of art from all of the top galleries and artists around the country as well as the rest of the world with parties & events featuring music, film, architecture and design.

But for those of you like myself, who aren’t planning on dishing out thousands of dollars for a piece of art, there are plenty of FREE events going on around the city as well that you should definitely take advantage of.

Wednesday, December 1 | Detroit
In partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit

6pm Happy hour with music from Detroit
7pm Dance performance by Biba Bell and Jmy Leary, ‘Oneness: Making it with Love’
8pm Screening of The Lost Landscapes of Detroit,’ compiled by the Prelinger Archive followed by a discussion with Luis Croquer, Meredith Johnson,
and artists from the Detroit program
9pm Live DJ set with DJ R E L A X E R
(Macho City/Disco Secret) and DJ Dez-Andres
(Slum Village)
10pm Art Loves Music, concert on the beach, featuring Canada’s Metric
11pm ‘Enter the Darkness,’ with ‘Danjee Flesh Nation’: Jennifer Price, Jimbo Easter, Brett Lee Pickins, Ami Seal, and Noah Eikoff
(music performance)

Thursday, December 2 | MEXICO CITY

In partnership with

Museo Tamayo Mexico City
6pm Happy hour with music from Mexico City
7pm Discussion with Sofia Hernández Chong Cuy and Patrick Charpenel on Mexico City Cultural Scene
7.30pm Presentations by Pase Usted, with Pedro Reyes, Claudia Fernández, Raúl Cárdenas/Torolab, Mariana Muguía/OPA, Jorge Méndez Blake
8pm ‘Visits’ video series:Carlos Amorales
8.30pm ‘Volume’: Live concert by El Resplandor
9.15pm ‘Visits’ video series:Tania Pérez Cordoba
and Abraham Cruzvillegas
9.30pm ‘Volume’: Live concert byPellejos
10.15pm ‘Visits’ video series: Melanie Smith
10.30pm Live DJ set by Torolab’s Raúl Cárdenas

Friday, December 3 | BERLIN

In partnership with 032c

6pm Happy hour with music from Berlin
7pm Isa Melsheimer and Arno Brandlhuber,
‘Concrete Society,’ lecture on ideological clash, architectural destruction and brutiful objects
8pm 舞88: ‘Mixed’ Reality, Aids-3d, presented by PROGRAM (Berlin), performance with multimedia motion-tracking and video

9pm 80*81 (Georg Diez / Christopher Roth), screening, reading, performance
10pm Live DJ set with Broken Hearts Club

Saturday, December 4 | GLASGOW

In partnership with Tramway

6pm Happy Hour with Torsten Laushmann, screening of’Digital Clock (Growing Zeroes),’ 2010
7pm Video screenings: Corin Sworn, ‘After School Special,’ 2009 and Torsten Laushmann, ‘Skipping over Damaged Areas,’ 2010, commissioned by LUX
7.30pm Stephen Sutcliffe, performance
8pm ‘Beethovens Fifth Symphony (X8) in C minor:
Op 67 (after Stefan Wolpe, originally performed circa 1920/21.), ‘performance byRaydale Dower
8.30pm ‘A Grammar for Listening (part 2),’ 2010,
a video by Luke Fowler and Erica La Casa

9pm ‘Hallo Welcome To Keith Street,’ 2010,
a performance by Sue Tompkins,
9.30pm ‘Improvising around songs on a customized guitar,’ a performance by Rob Churm,
10pm ‘The End is a Tumultuous noise,’2010,
a performance by Cara Tolmie,
10.30pm Martin Creed and his band
11.15pm Pro Vinylist Karim (PVK) DJ Set

There are tons of exhibits open this week & some of them are free or have pretty decent admission fees. Be sure to check which ones they are at http://www.socialmiami.com/articles/Art-Basel-Miami-Beach.asp 

Also, be sure to check out the Wynwood Walls – Street Art Mural Park all week-long.

Be glad you live in a city as fabulous as Miami & try something different for once. After all, the clubs will still be open next week ;)

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