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J.LO Makes A Musical Comeback.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen or heard from Jenny from the block in the music world –other than being a judge on American Idol, but her new single featuring Mr. 305 & the lambada is sure to get her back on top.

Her latest single, ‘On The Floor’ produced by RedOne is the perfect theme song for clubbing this Summer. It features beats of the Brazilian lambada song ‘Chorando Se Foi’, and although J.LO is getting criticized for stealing Kat DeLuna’s sound off her 2010 European single ‘Party O’clock’, it’s obvious that J.LO’s song is way better. Who’s Kat DeLuna anyway? Exactly.

You can watch a preview to the video here as well as listen to the entire song below. The official video should be released in a couple of days. Be sure to check back to watch it here first! How good does J.LO look?!


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I usually find tons of YouTube covers of songs I love, but I thought this one was truly amazing. I swear, sometimes I think YouTube so much better than American Idol :x

Check out this girl’s acoustic rendtition of Usher’s ‘O.M.G.’ & tell me what you think!

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