Miami <3's to Boom Boom.

The Canadians have invaded Miami, but this time it wasn’t old snowbirds taking up our beaches. I recently met an incredibly talented band from East Vancouver who were in town for a few weeks. During their time in So Flo, the boys hung out, rocked out, and made a new fan out of me and lots of other Miamians who got to catch them live.

The Boom Booms are an amazing six-piece band with a rock-pop, reggae, funky vibe that is guaranteed to get you up on your feet and dancing within the first two minutes of their set –trust me.

Since forming, they’ve toured all over the world including Brazil, Central America, Mexico, Europe, Canada and the US. They’ve played a sold out show in the heart of the Amazon, performed on mountaintops, and in front of large crowds at festivals. With their light-hearted personalities and high-energy performances, they’ve quickly won the hearts of fans everywhere.

While in Miami, the band wasted no time. They performed at venues all over South Florida including shows in Wynwood, Boca, Sunny Isles, Jupiter, Key West and Miami Beach. “People here don’t know us yet, so anytime you play for a new crowd it’s a little different. When people already know your songs, they’re already on board. You’re already dating them. Here it’s like, ‘Hey, nice to meet you. Maybe you wanna do some stuff with us?’ – and these crowds definitely wanted to do some stuff.

For six guys from Canada, Miami was the perfect escape from the Canadian winter and they loved the 305 so much in fact that they plan on making it their second home! “It feels like the music scene is growing down here. There’s a lot of good music. It’s not established in the way that like LA or NY is which makes it exciting to be part of something like that. I think that’s attractive for us.”

We think it’s attractive too.

The Boom Booms are currently hitting up the west coast and will soon get started on recording their second studio album, which they expect to get started on in May.

After that, they’re touring Canada for the summer, playing in festivals around the country before releasing their sophomore album in September and heading back to the states to tour some more and settle down in the lovely MIA.

Check out the documentary they shot while in Brazil as well as some of their songs on their YouTube page. Love their stuff?? Of course you do! Download it on iTunes!



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