Kai’s SMASH hit.


One of the perks of working in news is always finding out about new things that are happening around the world that other people wouldn’t necessarily know because they don’t have to listen to 5 hours of news a day or search the wires for the latest.

A few weeks ago while at work, we aired a story about a “hatchet-wielding hitchhiker” who beat a guy in Fresno, California after he tried to hurt several people. Within seconds of his interview, I was immediately intrigued by the scruffy, stoner looking, overly expressive guy named Kai.

I decided to look him up the other day -cause that’s just what I do & I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER THAT I DID. Turns out Kai is an AH-MAZING musician.

I’m officially obsessed with Kai -more so than before & would totally hitchhike around the country with him if he would only promise to serenade me each night <3

Check out his interview after the near deadly incident & then listen to his awesome original song.

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