Flash Mobs are AMAZING.

I’m not one to usually tap in to the political world, but when flash-mobs are involved I just can’t contain myself. It’s been a dream of mine since I first started hearing about these random flash-mobs (and especially after watching Friends With Benefits) to be strolling through the mall one day and for the speakers to all of a sudden blare an amazing song from the 90’s while strangers join together in choreography. 

I’m not kidding. I would totally attempt to join in too.

But on a serious note, last week at the California Republican Party convention gay rights activists protested against candidate Michele Bachmann in a way that only gay rights activists would think to protest –by staging a flash-mob style choreography to ‘Like A Prayer’ by Madonna.

The song was meant to call attention to Bachmann’s anti-gay rhetoric and the controversial therapy methods reportedly practiced at the Christian counseling clinic she and her husband own. Bachmann was recently interviewed by Jay Leno and asked about her thoughts on “Praying the Gay Away” but she simply turned the question into a joke (a lame one) and never really answered it.


Not sure if Bachmann actually paid any attention to the meaning behind the mob but who can ignore these moves!? All that was missing was a little glitter.

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