Mike “The Situation” Disses Jersey.

It’s only a matter of time before Jersey Shore’s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino becomes another city’s situation.

The reality tv star turned Dancing With the Stars “star” told George Lopez on George Lopez Tonight,  “I love it out here, I’m definitely gonna move out  here.”

Reports are saying that someone close to Sitch says,  “He’s gone all Hollywood now. He thinks he’s better than everyone and has gotten a huge head. He wants to be hanging out with Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise now not the folks at the Jersey Shore.”

Ummm sorry to burst your bubble “bro”, but you are not a celebrity & neither Cameron Diaz nor Tom Cruise want to hang out with you. In fact, I’m sure not even their assistants want to hang out with you.

People just want to make fun of you & the ridiculous nonsense that comes out of your mouth. You weren’t really welcomed in Miami & I’m sure Hollywood doesn’t really want you either..unless you bring along Snooki of course :)

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