Selena’s Open Invitation


Is Selena Gomez sending an open invitation to her vajay in her latest single?

I’m either my mind is in the gutter or it’s true. Irregradless, I’m digging it.

Since last seeing her in Springggg Breaaaakkkk, it’s obvious the former Mickey Mouser wants to shed her good girl image and jump on over to the dark side, but who can blame her? The good girls never got anywhere and Britney & Christina are still kicking ass.

And since the Biebs is spiraling out of control anyway, she might be well on her way.

Check out her latest video for ‘Come & Get It’ and try not to belly dance, I dare you.

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Cris Cab Red Road Album Release.


Cris Cab has officially released his latest mixtape, Red Road & it’s gotta be my favorite thus far!

The newly released album features nine songs, one of them is probably the best cover of Monsters of Men’s ‘Little Talks’ that I’ve ever heard, and the rest are originals worth listening to -on repeat.

Once again, Cris collaborated with his mentor Wyclef Jean, this time on ‘Another Love’ which is one of my favorite songs on the album. But who am I kidding? I’m seriously obsessed with all nine songs. They’re that good. He also did a collab with Mike Posner on ‘Colors’, his second single off the mixtape. Check out the video below.

Cris just began the two-month Light It Up Tour with Collie Buddz & New Kingston today. They’re first show is in Washington, D.C. tonight.

To download Red Road  & see when he’s going to be playing a show in your city, go to or visit iTunes.

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Miami <3's to Boom Boom.

The Canadians have invaded Miami, but this time it wasn’t old snowbirds taking up our beaches. I recently met an incredibly talented band from East Vancouver who were in town for a few weeks. During their time in So Flo, the boys hung out, rocked out, and made a new fan out of me and lots of other Miamians who got to catch them live.

The Boom Booms are an amazing six-piece band with a rock-pop, reggae, funky vibe that is guaranteed to get you up on your feet and dancing within the first two minutes of their set –trust me.

Since forming, they’ve toured all over the world including Brazil, Central America, Mexico, Europe, Canada and the US. They’ve played a sold out show in the heart of the Amazon, performed on mountaintops, and in front of large crowds at festivals. With their light-hearted personalities and high-energy performances, they’ve quickly won the hearts of fans everywhere.

While in Miami, the band wasted no time. They performed at venues all over South Florida including shows in Wynwood, Boca, Sunny Isles, Jupiter, Key West and Miami Beach. “People here don’t know us yet, so anytime you play for a new crowd it’s a little different. When people already know your songs, they’re already on board. You’re already dating them. Here it’s like, ‘Hey, nice to meet you. Maybe you wanna do some stuff with us?’ – and these crowds definitely wanted to do some stuff.

For six guys from Canada, Miami was the perfect escape from the Canadian winter and they loved the 305 so much in fact that they plan on making it their second home! “It feels like the music scene is growing down here. There’s a lot of good music. It’s not established in the way that like LA or NY is which makes it exciting to be part of something like that. I think that’s attractive for us.”

We think it’s attractive too.

The Boom Booms are currently hitting up the west coast and will soon get started on recording their second studio album, which they expect to get started on in May.

After that, they’re touring Canada for the summer, playing in festivals around the country before releasing their sophomore album in September and heading back to the states to tour some more and settle down in the lovely MIA.

Check out the documentary they shot while in Brazil as well as some of their songs on their YouTube page. Love their stuff?? Of course you do! Download it on iTunes!



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Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway Show Hits SOBE

Inspired by America, Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway Show is just that, a runway show where models show off diverse cotton looks inspired by American culture.

The show begins TODAY at 8 p.m. and runs all the way through Saturday night (cause it’s 24-hours, duh!). Bill and Giuliana Rancic will be hosting the second annual shindig with the likes of Louise Roe, Michael Yo, Scott Evans and Nikki Novak. Actress Camilla Bell and fashion designer Lauren Conrad will also be making a special appearance.

Round-the-clock special DJ’s like DJ Irie, Jessica Who?, CC Sheffield, Aulden Brown, Ross One and DJ Cassidy will be providing the beats for the bevies of models that will be struttin’ their stuff down the catwalk.

Ocean Drive will be the place to be between 8th & 9th Street to catch the one-of-a-kind fashion event that will reveal 1,440 different looks ranging from nighttime chic to daytime glamour. That’s one look per minute people!

Join the fun at this year’s FREE event. Remember to get there early for a good spot near the runway. If you can’t make it, be sure to catch it streaming live online.

Stay tuned for my post-show updates. Also hashtag #COTTON24HOUR if you attend the show!

If you plan on making any purchases this weekend, lots of retailers are offering discounts on cotton purchases today & tomorrow only! Click here full the full list of stores:

Catch the show streaming live 24-hours here:



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Free Art Fridays

Friday Funday has a whole new meaning now that I’ve discovered Free Art Fridays.

Last Friday I spent the day hunting for free art around the city with my friend Janin. Free art you wonder? Yes. Imagine a cross between serial stalker meets scavenger hunt for art.

Janin, who is a lover of the arts got me to join a group on Facebook where different local artists prep you for the weeks hidden pieces. They basically create a piece of art and give it up for free. They hide them at any given place in Miami, take a photo of it or give you a clue as to where to find it on the Facebook page and the hunt is on!

Janin & I were super excited for this and took the hunt extremely serious. Our game face was on -sort of. It was like we were on the Amazing Race. Like Khole Kardashian and her ‘cortadito’, we just HAD to find the stuff.

Luckily, our day was a success & we found two awesome pieces left by the Registered Artist in “el parque de los locos” appropriately named considering Janin & I are two locas whenever we’re together.

Check out our sweet pieces!


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Kai’s SMASH hit.


One of the perks of working in news is always finding out about new things that are happening around the world that other people wouldn’t necessarily know because they don’t have to listen to 5 hours of news a day or search the wires for the latest.

A few weeks ago while at work, we aired a story about a “hatchet-wielding hitchhiker” who beat a guy in Fresno, California after he tried to hurt several people. Within seconds of his interview, I was immediately intrigued by the scruffy, stoner looking, overly expressive guy named Kai.

I decided to look him up the other day -cause that’s just what I do & I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER THAT I DID. Turns out Kai is an AH-MAZING musician.

I’m officially obsessed with Kai -more so than before & would totally hitchhike around the country with him if he would only promise to serenade me each night <3

Check out his interview after the near deadly incident & then listen to his awesome original song.

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It’s that time of year again..

It’s officially February, and for many that means having to put up with the annoying Valentine’s Day posts from your friends about how amazing their boyfriends are for surprising them with flowers on the most cliché day of the year. Barf.

But do not fret my friends! If you’re single like me, embrace it! Here are a few things happening around town you might want to take part in so that you don’t feel like such a loser.

STK is hosting the ‘Knot In Love’ party Wednesday night with lots of bikini babes, complimentary drinks & sweet beats provided by DJ ARTIME. Join the party early and receive comp Mount Gay Rum cocktails from 8-10 p.m. -just in time for the sexy Beach Bunny Swimwear Showcase. You’re welcome.


If you like to get dirty (and also enjoy challenging 5k’s) then you’ve got to sign up for the Single’s Mud Mingle! It’s the only strictly singles event of its kind. This means no lovey dovey couples allowed! If you need some time to train that sexy body of yours, don’t worry, the race isn’t until April 20th.

Unlike any other race, after the Single’s Mud Mingle you can eat, drink, dance, meet and mingle with other singles covered in mud just like you. Your first beer is free.


If these events aren’t your cup tea, do like me and pamper yourself on V-Day! Cause there’s no better feeling than ultimate relaxation at one of Miami’s amazing hotel and spas. Photos of my loveless solo adventure coming soon!

I’ve never been into the roses & teddy bear thing but I’d swoon for one of these bad boys. How romantic is this?! <3


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Hello friends! It’s been a while, but after all of the Art Basel buzz I needed a break! Anyway, Last month I attended an incredible, FREE concert at Bayfront Park featuring DJ Irie & Cris Cab and I’m pleased to announce it’s happening again!

TONIGHT is the newest installment of the Heineken sponsored DWNTWN Miami Concert Series and it’s featuring Jacob Jeffries Band & Allen Stone!

Haven’t heard of these guys? You will. Let me brief you.

Allen Stone is the January VH1 You Oughta Know Artist of the Month, a spotlight lots of successful artists get their big break with. Don’t let his hipster style fool you, this guy definitely brings some soul to the table with his meaningful and calculated vocals.

He’s performed on late night shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live and Last Call with Carson Daly. He’s also received positive reviews from Esquire, CNN, BIllboard, and USA Today. Watch one of my favorites below..

Also performing with Stone is local Jacob Jeffries Band. They’ve been dubbed as Buzzworthy by MTV! Check them out below & head over to Bayfront Park tonight at 7pm for 2 amazing live shows!

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As most of you know, it’s Art Basel time in Miami. But if you can’t afford to scoop up any high-priced pieces at these events, I’ve got something you might be interested in.

Local artists Wase One & Tony Diamond have created over 100 original cigarette boxes and are scattering them around the Wynwood area throughout Art Basel. If you spot one of these  uniquely painted boxes, it’s yours! You can take a little piece of Art Basel home with you for FREE! How cool is that?

These guys are also taking things a step further. If you happen to find one with a special label, you’ll win an original canvas! It’s sorta like Willy Wonka meets smoker-art scavenger hunt. If you find one of these, you MUST contact the guys within 24-hours of your finding to qualify for your free canvas. They can be reached through Instagram & Twitter at @ithinkyourenew & @tonydiamondMIA. Don’t forget to hashtag #lostinwynwood!

The cigarette boxes can be found on trees, fences, windowsills, and any surface at about eye level. They’re placing them in the area around the Wynwood Walls and are wandering through some of the side streets.

Good luck & Happy hunting!



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Last night Miami Beach was alive. Not to say that it usually isn’t, but if you were out & about on our beautiful streets, you know what I’m talking about. Art Basel is in full blast & I couldn’t be more excited!

I’m so honored & thrilled to have had the chance to attend the Pop Up Piano Miami Fundraising Concert last night. The entire Pop Up Piano committee put on an incredible event with a special concert put on by singer/songwriter Yuna, the unbelievable Elew, and a surprise performance by Miami’s own, Cris Cab.

If you haven’t had a chance to tickle the ivories, check out the pop-up performances happening Friday & Saturday in the Midtown/Wynwood area.

The gorgeous butterfly piano will be at Sugarcane for the next few days with a POPM guest performance by local musicians Locos Por Juana & Suenalo on Friday, Dec. 7 at 7:30 p.m.

Ross Von Rosenberg’s colorful piano will be at the Wynwood Cigar Factory on Saturday, Dec. 8 with  performances by Juke, the Heavy Pets & Arboles Libres beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Check out my photos from last night below & be sure to check out these pianos around town!

The über talented artists responsible for the gorgeous pianos


The very beautiful & talented Yuna (


Cris Cab stopped by for a surprise performance too! (


The man who blew everyone away, ELew! (


Isabella Acker & I. She’s one of the founders of The Black Key Group & Pop Up Piano Miami. She’s also amazing overall!


Whitney Lykins & I. She’s another one responsible for pulling off this incredible event.


The very cool piano painted by POPM’s own & urban artist, Arnaud Pages


An Alex Mijares original


The colorful piano that will be featured at the Wynwood Cigar Factory by Ross Von Rosenberg


Wase One’s finished product! Catch & Release!


Deco Drive’s own Louis Aguirre also enjoyed the night of art & music


Two dates are better than one! I had a great time thanks to these two!


 Don’t forget to visit for all the info on where to find the pianos!

Happy Baseling! xo


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